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Thread: Another Whirlpool Dishwasher won't drain

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    Default Another Whirlpool Dishwasher won't drain

    Model Number: GU940SCGQ2
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    "Whirlpool Gold Quiet Wash Plus" model #: GU940SCGQ2

    Won't drain. Quite a bit of water sitting in the bottom of this 5 year old dishwasher. The past few weeks hasn't been cleaning dishes very well before this new development.

    Attempted to diagnose problem by disconnecting drain pipe from point where it connects to our drain/garbage disposal tube and pushed drain button on front panel of dishwasher. Can hear motor turn on for a few seconds and sounds like it's trying to drain, but no water comes out of tube from dishwasher. After a few seconds it turns off, then it waits a few seconds, then comes back on, tries to drain again then turns off for good until I press the drain button again to get the same results.

    Disconnected dishwasher drain pipe from white "Check Valve" at bottom of dishwasher. At the point had to run like mad to get cake pans to catch all of the water that started pouring out of the check valve. Verified that there wasn't any obstruction in the pipe that I had just unhooked. Next I unscrewed the Check Valve and verified nothing was plugging it.

    Have no idea what the hell to try next. Turning 40 this year. Found I had a developing hemorrhoid, and now this. Don't worry about advice on the hemorrhoid, I'll go elsewhere for that. Just would like to know how to fix this dishwasher, also if it's worth fixing in the first place and how difficult it would be to do it, or should I just call a repairman? Is this model dishwasher crap in the first place?? Should I just replace it with something else? If so, recommendations on brand/model? Thanks in advance.

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    Thumbs up Whirlpool Dishwasher Standing Water / Drain Problem / FIXED ! ! !

    I had the same problem on my ten year old Whirlpool Gold Model GU940SCGQ2: (An inch of standing water at the end of the drain cycle) Here is what I discovered that fixed my problem: At the output of the drain pump there is a small part called a "Check Valve" (PN 3369482 on my machine). I am certain that ALL dishwashers have a similar check valve. The flexible drain hose connects to the check valve with a squeezable hose clamp ring. From there, the hose is usually routed a few feet higher, and then lower, to empty into your garbage dispolsal. You need to disconnect the hose clamp and drain hose from the check valve (drain pump ooutput). When you disconnect the hose clamp, be prepared for a lot of water to drain out. (I used a large shallow pyrex pan to catch the water.) I then blew into the hose going towards the garbage disposal and discovered no blockages. Getting back to the check valve, it has an odd "V" shaped piece protruding slightly from the inside of the plastic cylinder. I was able to remove the "V" shaped piece, and discovered that it also had a round circle-shaped plastic piece attached to it. On the other side of this piece, inside of the check valve cylinder, is a small rubber circular flapper valve, (smaller than a dime) that is attached and doesn't come out. What I found on my unit was a TINY hairball and a short piece of hair or string that was caught inside the check valve, preventing it from fully closing. I then replaced the plastic "V" shaped piece insde the check valve assembly, and reinstalled the drain hose. Here is WHY the check valve is important for this problem: When the pump finishes pumping the water out of the dishwasher and turns off, the water that is still between the dishwasher and the garbage disposal, drains back into the dishwasher through the partially open check valve. Finding and removing this tiny hairball from the check valve ended up saving me the cost of a new dishwasher! I hope that this info helps YOU! - If you are reading this, and have a nutdriver and a pair of pliers, then you CAN do this!

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    I just fixed my eleven year-old Whirlpool Gold dishwasher by following this procedure. It was as simple as blowing through the check valve. Whatever was lodged there worked its way out as I cleared the valve. Thanks for the step-by-step! I had to apply this fix one other time and had figured it out through a long process of trial and error - but it's been so long I couldn't remember how. Thanks Mike!

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    Good job to you both.

    Actually this thread was started in 2005, before RepairClinic started making repair help videos.

    The manufacturer has replaced part number 3369482 with part number 675238.

    Yes, what I find on these models 95% of the time when it won't drain properly is the check valve clogged.

    There should be just a black rubber flapper inside that check valve, push something through it, like a pen, it should go through. Also flush it with water from your sink.

    Here's the check valve for your model:
    Manufacturer part number 675238 is RepairClinic item number 2844

    Watch this video to access it:

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