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Thread: Gas oven wont turn off.

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    Default Gas oven wont turn off.


    The oven will not turn off. It happened once a year ago and cleared itself, but now it stays on until the gas is shut off.

    Last night I went to boil a pot of water. The oven had stuck on earlier in the day and I had the oven knob off and the gas turned off for about 4 hours. When I turned the gas back on the stove top burner worked just fine, but the oven turned on too, and the temp kept on rising past what my oven thermostat could register.

    I just now tried it again and the oven will not turn off. I cut the gas, but the igniter is still glowing an hour later. What should I be looking at?

    Thanks, Carl

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    Replaced thermostat, all is good.

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    Glad you found the problem and fixed it Carl.

    Here's the oven thermostat for this model, in case others with this model need to order it as well:
    Manufacturer's Number: WB20K8

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