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Thread: Heated Dry light blinking

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    Default Heated Dry light blinking

    Model Number: DU1055XTSB2
    Brand: Whirlpool

    I have a 3 year old dishwasher that has the heated dry light blinks on it. It blinks rather fast, and some of the other led's apper to have a faint glow. If I hold cancel and press a cycle button the dishwasher sounds like it is running a cycle. I have tried to reset the panel with the heated dry-normal-heated dry-normal button pressed with no success. Any ideas?

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    try unplugging/kick off breaker overnight, might reset your board, if not you should have a tech sheet somewhere outside the dishwasher that will explain what the blinking light means

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    Its the control panel touchpad assembly thats bad.

    Here's the black control panel assembly for your model you can order:
    P/N: W10021710

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