Maytag Refrigerator Adaptive Defrost Board

Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator(model#MSD2756GEW): Not cooling properly. The evaporator coil inside the freezer was completely frosted-up, couldn’t even see the coil at all.

 I did a ohm check for continuity on both the defrost thermostat(showed 0 ohms) and defrost heater(showed 14 ohms) which both check good. So that indicates the Adaptive Defrost Board is bad. Installed a new one, worked great!

Here’s the Adaptive Defrost Board for this model:
Manufacturer’s Number: 61005988

We have a thread in our forum all about this here:

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  1. I have model # MSD2756GEW, picked it up yesterday. Evaporator coil inside the freezer was completely frozen over. I left the unit off all day and left the freezer door open until all the ice was gone. I also un-clogged the defrost water line to the pan below. I tested the ADF and it did nothing. The sensor must have told it not to go into defrost mode since it was room temperature. I put the covers back on the coil and left the ADF hanging in the refrigerator for access and closed both doors. Now I am waiting to see what will happen next. Bad ADF?
    Any other basic checks? Freezer fan is working and coil fan under unit is working.

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