Sears Kenmore Washer Lid Switch

Sears Kenmore Washer(model#110.23034101): Washer will fill with water then stop and not do anything, also when you put it spin, nothing happens. Found the lid switch bad.
What you do to check it is to get a volt/ohm meter and put the the meter on the ohms setting, then put the meter probes in the black & red connectors from the lid switch, then push the lid switch down, if your meter reads 0-1 ohms then its good, if the meter reads nothing at all its bad.
Here’s the lid switch for this model:
Manufacturer’s Number: 8054980
Made by Whirlpool. Whirlpool brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, and others.
Whirlpool also makes various appliance models for Sears / Kenmore.
Part Number 8054980 (AP3020600) is used with the following appliance models:
110.20052991, 110.20052992, 110.20052993, 110.20056993, 11020052994, 11020056991, 11020056992, 11020056994, 11020072990, 11020072991, 11020072992, 11020072993, 11020092990, 11020092991, 11020092992, 11020092993, 11020094992, 11020094993, 11020096990, 11020096991, 11020096992, 11020096993, 11020097990, 11020097991, 11020097992, 11022032100, 11022032101, 11022032102, 11022036100, 11022036101, 11022036102, 11022042100, 11022042101, 11022042102, 11022052100, 11022052101, 11022052102, 11022054100, 11022054101, 11022054102, 11022056100, 11022056101, 11022056102, 11023012100, 11023012101, 11023012102, 11023014100, 11023014101, 11023014102, 11023022100, and more.


  1. Hi My name is Paola and I am trying to replace the lid switch, I already open the cabinet but I can not figure where is the lid switch, I saw a picture of a new lid sitch I know how it looks but I still figure where it goes, and how it goes I have a Kenmore 80 series Model # 11029812891 I will appreciate any comments about.

  2. I think that I am having a similar problem. Last night I tried doing a load and was shot an F3 error code on my Kenmore Elite series. I canceled that load, tried restarting it and was shot a F4 code, again canceled and tried once more with no codes. I came back to find the washer filled with water and doing nothing.It looked like it made it through wash cycle but not quite to the stage that it adds the softener. I tried setting to the drain/ rinse setting and nothing happened. From looking up the error codes it F3 is Lid switch failure and F4 is recirculation switch failure. But the more reading I have done it sound like the Lid Switch, but knowing nothing of washing machines i’m not quite sure. Also is there an easier way of draining the washer other than scooping it out by hand?

  3. My Kenmore washer will occasionally not spin-out at the end of any of the cycles. But only occasionally.

    Can my problem be the “Lid- Switch” ?

  4. I have a stackable Kenmore washer/dryer combo, of which I am the third owner. It is of the old school variety. The other night I accidentally dropped the lid to the washer and I either broke or moved the switch.

    I reached uder the washer casement and pulled out the electrical assembly and the plastic switch which is white, which was clipped with a red plastic mover(?), all of this is placed into a white housing, which unclips also. I am pretty sure I have all the parts, but can’t get the top of the washer open, the left side lifts up about 2 inchs, but the right side won’t lift up! Any help would be appreciated!

  5. Cont. The white and red clips onto a black housing with a black button(I think it is the relay button, so the washer can drain and spin, which it is not doing now!

  6. Cont. again: The black part with the black button looks similar to this part #684747. It also has two screws which screws into the inside of the white and red plastic parts, how do I align them?

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