Maytag® Jetclean® II Dishwasher
Maytag® Jetclean® II Dishwasher
Energy Star
To get the best performance from all dishwashers:
Use Jet Dry or any Rinse Aid, either the liquid or the hanging baskets.
Make sure you run the hot water at the sink just b4 you start the dishwasher, to flush the cold water out of the line.
Make sure water temp. is about 130 degrees coming out of your water heater.
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South Willamette Valley, Oregon Forcast:
Tonight. Partly cloudy. Lows 50 to 55. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph in the evening. Becoming light wind overnight.
Wednesday. Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. Breezy. Highs around 75. West wind 10 to 20 mph.

Full Moon Monday

Hi all,
1998 Frigidaire Front Load Washer:
White-on-white Frigidaire 3.1 cu. ft. Gallery™ Series I.E.C. Extra-Large Capacity Front Load Washer
Dispenser Drawer not releasing all the fabic softner, leaving water in disp. cup.
Replaced Detergent/Fabic Softner Dispenser Drawer, worked great.
1998 Frigidaire Dryer:
White-on-white Frigidaire 5.7 cu. ft. Electric Gallery™ Series Dryer with Balance Dry System
Clothes getting caught in between front frame and dryer drum,
Replaced front Glide pad assembly, worked great.
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Tomarrows South Willamette Valley, Oregon Forcast:
Mostly sunny. Highs around 85. Light wind becoming west 10 mph in the afternoon.
McKenzie River near Vida

Today’s Events

Another Beautiful Oregon Day!
2001 Kemore Washer(Whirlpool made)
Bisque-on-Bisque Kenmore 3.2 cu. ft. King Size Capacity Top Load Washer
Not washing, motor just hums:
This is a very rare problem i see. The timer and motor capacitor are shorted out. Hard to say why it happened, some appliances go 10-15 yrs. without problems, some go 4 or 5 then start breaking.
2002 Kenmore Dishwasher(Whirlpool built)
Black Kenmore 24 in. Built-In Ultra Wash® Dishwasher
Heres another motor humming in wash cycle, but this was caused by a piece of broken glass lodged in motor chopper blade, motor bearing was freezing up as well, not related to glass.
This motor/sump assembly is covered under a 5 yr. Part only Warranty,
Which is good.:)
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P.S. As you can tell, im a weather fanatic. 🙂
As a boy of 11 , i can remember having a small radio shack weather radio i would listen to on a daily basis. 🙂
That being said, heres the Southern Willamette Valley of Oregon forcast for Monday 8-30-2004:
Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 80s. Light wind becoming northwest 10 mph in the afternoon.
Goodpasture McKenzie River

Sunny Saturday

Hi all,
Very nice sunny day here in Western Oregon, Temps. in the 80’s, after a week of much needed rain. 🙂
2001 Kitchen Aid Dishwasher
Kitchen Aid Dishwasher
When filling with water, the water solinoid was knocking, like a water pipe vibration. Replaced water valve, worked great.
Customer was complaining of dishes not getting as clean. Installed new check valve and chopper blade assembly in sump(pump). Chopper was broken. The check valve is the small rubber flapper in sump(pump) that can stick and not allow proper water flow to spray arms. Replaced both, worked great.
2002 Kenmore Frigidaire built Window Air Conditioner
Kenmore 12,500 BTU Multi-Room Air Conditioner
Compressor was out. Replaced Compressor, worked great.
Replacing a Compressor is major job, takes about 3 hours.
You need to be a certified Type 1 40 CFR part 82, subpart F. AHAM-NARDA Refrigerent Tech. to change Compressors or do any sealed system work involving Freon(Refrigerant Gas). I got certified on 11-17-1994 when i worked for The Montgomery Ward Service Dept.
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The Forcast Here in the Southern Willamette Valley of Oregon for Sunday 8-29-2004:
Sunny after patchy morning fog. Highs around 85. North wind 10 mph.

Nice Friday

Hi all,
2003 Kenmore Frigidaire built Top Freezer
Sears Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator
Not cooling: Rear Freezer panel frosted up(evaporator coil)
Defrosted Coil,Replaced Defrost Timer.
Under Warranty.
2000 Kitchen Aid SxS Refrig.
Kitchen Aid Side by Side Refrigerator
Not Cooling: Condenser Coil Clogged with Dog Hair caused Compressor Relay to overheat and break. Replaced Compressor Relay.
Not under warranty.
Always Clean Condenser coil at least once a year. 🙂
2001 Kitchen Aid Dishwasher
Kitchen Aid Dishwasher
Not coming on:
Thermal fuse out in control panel,
Replaced Thermal fuse.
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