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Here is a forum question and answer on this:
Maytag side/side model#:MSD2756DEB

About a month ago I started noticing some water leaking underneath my freezer door and about the same time I noticed that my fridge and freezer were not cooling as efficiently as before. Deciding to plunge into repairs, I took apart the back panel and vacuumed up everything I could see that was in need of it. Still, no better on the cooling.
After surfing this site I got the idea to check out back portion of the freezer. Sure enough, the back cover had about an inch of ice that I could see from the just looking in by the door. I shut off the fridge, and started warming up the firdge. Used a hair dryer to defrost the cover, and once I got into the back cover I found the whole coil frozen over. From top to bottom. I defrosted the whole thing. Took about 2 hours and looked around, but really couldn’t see anything major (leaks or broken wires). Put everything back together, and plugged in the fridge and everything works great.
Now its been about 3 weeks and I am seeing the icey build up on the panel in the back of the freezer again. I think I am going to replace the heater/thermostat assembly tomorrow. (maytag part # 61006199)
90% of the time on these Maytag’s the Defrost Board Part#61005988 will be the problem when the evaporator coil is all frosted up like that.
To be sure, I always do a continuity check with a ohm meter on the defrost thermostat and the heater assembly. You can get a very cheap ohm meter at Radio Shack, and test these with the power off to the refrigerator.
Here is a blog entry i did back in July, this is the same part you will need if your defrost thermostat and heater test good. You can even order that defrost board from my blog entry by clicking on the picture or the part#.
This thread talks all about it, and explains how to change it.

GE Motherboard

2003 GE Side by Side Refrigerator (model#GSS25JEPABB): The main control board (aka the motherboard) has a great deal of functionality to it. Its the brain that controls the refrigerator fan motors, defrost cycle, temperature, sensors. I have seen these boards go bad mainly when it has defrost system problems or cooling problems.
The board is located on the very back outside wall of the refrigerator that has a metal shield thats covers it. Its easy to change out, just make sure the refrigerator is unplugged first. The connectors are the same, just unsnap the ones from the old board, making sure you either memorize where they go or writing it down on some paper, then install the new board and reconnect the wire connectors.
Main control board


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Garbage disposers seem to work very good over the years. Yes they can jam up at times if something like a seeds or bones gets stuck in between the blades. But they can be easily removed by using the turn key, thats always supplied with new units, and carefully taking the item out, always make sure the power supply to the garbage disposer is off before doing this.
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Electonic Control Board

KitchenAid Slide-In Range (model#KESC307GBS1): Yesterday the electronic control clock assembly was not working properly, the relay on the control board that makes the bake element come on was faulty, no power was going to the bake element, and it should of had 240 volts to it.
Electronic clock control


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Testing a refrigerator inlet water valve

Here is a good question that was posted in our Forums
I have a 1996 Whirlpool model # ET22DQLDW01. It has an ice/water dispenser on the front door. The water dispenser has suddenly quit operating. I can hear a hum when I press in on the dispenser lever, but not even the slightest drip of water. It appears that the ice maker is still operating ok.
I posted the easy way to test it:
Sounds like the inlet water valve went out. Its in the back of the refrigerator where your water supply line hooks-up to it.
If you wanted to do-it-yourself you could un-mount it and take off the larger of the 2 plastic water lines and get a small bucket, and have someone press the dispenser, if nothing comes out, then its your inlet water valve for sure.
Here is the water valve for your model:
Icemaker and water dispenser water inlet valve kit