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OK, I started my Appliance Repair Company last November. Today I went on a service call for a water heater under a 6 year parts warranty, the water heater was installed in 2004, its made by A.O. Smith.
The main control valve on it is bad and needs to be replaced, but I’m very hesitant to put a warranty claim on getting the part, as I’m not really set-up to start doing claims on warranty parts for reimbursement, and would rather not start doing it, as I have enough to do already with my website and forums here.
If anyone can comment on this issue, please do, I welcome all comments from other Appliance Companies and anyone else who would like to say something about it.

Maytag Wide by Side

Sorry about the delay in posting in the Appliance Blog, but after the 4th of July the appliance repair business really heats up like the weather. Busy, Busy, Busy! Lots of Refrigerator & Freezer no cools!
Today I had another Maytag Wide by Side evaporator coil all frosted up, and not cooling in the refrigerator section properly. I first ohmed the defrost thermostat for continuity while it was still frosty, It tested good, then I ohmed out the defrost heater for continuity, It tested good. Only thing left is the Adaptive defrost board, as explained here in our Maytag Repair Forum
I installed a new Adaptive Defrost Control Board:
Adaptive Defrost control board


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