Estate Dryer Heating Element

Estate Dryer(model#IED4400SQ0) made by Whirlpool. Not Heating, did an ohm test for continuity on the heating element, found no continuity. Installed new heating element, worked great!
Always unplug the dryer before doing a ohm test for continuity!
Here’s the heating element for this model:
Manufacturer’s Number: 279838

Sears Kenmore Defrost Thermostat(Bi-Metal)

Sears Kenmore refrigerator(model#1069430411): Not cooling properly, found frost build-up inside the freezer on the inside back panel, took the panel off and found all the evaporator coils frosted up. Ohm tested the defrost thermostat(bi-metal) for continuity while it was still frosty, and found no continuity. That indicates the defrost thermostat(bi-metal) is bad.
Here’s the defrost thermostat(bi-metal) for this model:
Manufacturer part number 2321799 is RepairClinic item number 1399517