Maytag Dryer Heating Element

Maytag Dryer(model#LDE4000ACL): The dryer is running but not heating at all. Unplugged the dryer and did a continuity test on the heating element with my ohm meter, it showed no continuity. Installed new heating element, worked great!

Here is the heating element assembly for this model:
Heater Assembly WP307178

Sears Kenmore Dryer Thermal Fuse

Sears Kenmore Dryer(model#110.66832500): Dryer wasn’t turning on at all when you pressed the push-to-start switch. I used my ohm meter to check for continuity on the thermal fuse terminals, with the dryer unplugged, found no continuity. Installed new thermal fuse, worked great!
Here’s the thermal fuse for this model:
Manufacturer’s Number: 3392519