Good morning,
The last few days its been pouring rain outside, and more to come.
Yesterday I changed out a Glasstop on a GE Range(Model#JBP68H0H2WW) The customer had cracked it by accident. Actually, changing the GE ones are alot easier than some other brands. I have to give GE a thumbs up for this range, Lots of GE Appliances are extremely difficult to service, but they did a good when they made this model.
The part# for this Glasstop is WB62T10268

Now I was going to get this Glasstop from the local parts dealer I use in my area, WL May, but when the said it would take 2-3 weeks I was shocked, By that time it would be Thanksgiving Day before it would here. The customer wanted it ASAP, so I decided to get it from the, which is our main parts supplier on our website here. We ordered it on Wednesday, the customer got it on Thursday, and I went out to install it Yesterday!