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    US10D30C Friedrich through the wall A/C overheats and shuts off

    I have an A/C model US10D30C 220v through the wall. On extremely hot days it overheats and shuts off. This happened about 2 years after install. I discovered it was never installed correctly. I installed a Baffle Kit and that did not make a difference. Then after many hours of research...
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    FER300SX Power Issue with Samsung

    Good Evening, We are in the process of replacing a VERY old (I would have to guess 1970s) electric range with a used Samsung model FER300SX - can confirm it was working prior to our pickup and transport. Each range had a power cord already fixed to the back of it. [The old stove had 3 prongs...
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    Whirlpool dryer shuts off after few seconds in Europe

    I bought the front loader Whirlpool dryer at the PX in Germany that was made to be installed in Europe, and just had an electrician run the wire from the box to the dryer, and he also made the wire to connect from the dryer to the industrial plug. We tried to run it. The drier turned on, and...