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agitation clicking

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    WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool washer Agitation Noise

    I am experiencing a noise while my washing machine is agitating. I have already replaced the wash plate, the splutch cam assy, the drive belt, the actuator switch and finally the transmission. Maybe one of the new parts are faulty but I can’t figure out where this sound would be coming from...
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    Kenmore 970-C98802-00 clicks off and on at beginning of agitation

    The washer that came with my condo new, is showing its age, but money is tight. A new combo washer dryer is $2,000. Can’t afford it. When it starts each agitation cycle, it clicks on and off rapidly for 5 seconds, then it’s fine. It is getting worse. I’ve seen that this can be motor or the...

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