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    Whirlpool Banging - LXE4900L0

    Hi My washer is banging during agitation only, no banging during spin. I took a look at the drive system and found a lot of slop between the cam and spring loaded wheels in the basket drive. I've attached two photos showing the amount of slop: the fist photo shows me pointing at the cam...
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    Maytag Commercial MVWP575GW0 Weak Agitation

    Hi all, I have a Maytag Commercial washer, and about a month ago, we noticed it wasn't getting the clothes very clean. Around that same time (and I can't tell if it always like this, or if it actually changed), but I noticed a clicking once or twice in between cycles. The agitator dogs aren't...
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    Top load Maytag washer SAV205DAWW loud while agitating.

    My maytag washer recently started smoking and making a bad screeching sound. I opened up the washer and found the idler pulley wheel had fallen off the assembly. I replaced the idler pulley wheel with a new wheel. The machine will now run through a complete cycle, but when it is agitating it...
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    Maytag Bravos XL Washer MVWB880BW0 has loud spin cycle and clacking during agitation

    Hello Just got this washer used and it's got a loud spin cycle that I assume is the bearing, but also during agitation it makes a loud click/clack noise at either end of the agitator's turn. There's a video of this attached. Any thoughts on what I need to do to get things running right?
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    GBSR3140H8WW Motor tab squeak noise

    Hi, I have a GBSR3140H8WW from GE and recently it started making a squeak, metal-to-metal type of noise. I opened up the front panel and saw that the tabs under the motor slide against the bottom of the washer (picture 001). I believe the suspension rods should be replaced but apperantly they...
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    417.94812301 Kenmore stackable washer squeaks during agitation.

    Hi, The washer squeaks during agitation every time the transmission turns. It works fine and the squeaking isn't too loud. I've tried WD-40 on all the bearings that I can reach to see if it's one of them, but it still squeaks. I've attached wave file. If needed, I can try to record a short...

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