1. M

    LSQ9600LW1 Maytag Whirlpool Ultimate Care II: Will not spin and clicks

    I have a Maytag Washer that my roommate bought for cheap from someone on Craigslist. I'm not entirely sure of it's age, but we were able to use it for about a week before I noticed that the spin cycle had stopped working. I could hear the motor running, but it was definitely not...
  2. DoctorRed

    Whirlpool WTW5300SQ0 Washer - grease recommendation

    Hello fellers, I have an old Whirlpool WTW5300SQ0 washing machine that had worn agitator dogs. I opened it up to install a new agitator kit I bought online. Most online tutorials suggest to use agitator grease which costs 20+ dollars (specifications say that it's simply a high content silicone...
  3. A

    110.82174110 "Vintage" Kenmore Washer Agitator Issues

    Hi. My mom has a Kenmore 110.82174110 washer. For a while now, the machine would leak on maximum load. She has been circumventing the issue by running a slightly less-than-full load. But recently the agitator started having problems. If she fills the tub to full/near full with only water...
  4. H

    MVWC565FW Maytag washer makes click noise when switching to ‘wash’ light

    Sorry if I’m posting the wrong way , this is my very first post . My Maytag washer fills up with water , works fine until the light switches to wash light cycle . It seems as if the agitator is not engaging properly . It drains and spins just fine . I’m attaching a video in hopes that it helps...
  5. W

    MVWC416FW0 Agitator and washplate loose

    I recently replaced the agitator because it wobbled even after tightening the bolt. The agitator and washplate now come loose after one load.
  6. J

    WPRE6150K2WT GE Washer not spinning

    Been through many troubleshooting recommendations. Open and closed the cover 10 times after power up - didn't reset motor. Blew air into pressure valve and hear switch click so i think good there. No blinking diag lights on motor - so questioning if thermal fuse is blown. Read that some newer...
  7. W

    GTWN4000M Clothes Tangled Around Agitator - Affecting Spin Cycle

    These are all new issues which began occurring a month or so ago. I appreciate any input you have. Thank you for your time. My GE top-load washer (GTWN4000M) recently began tangling clothes around the agitator. When this happens, it also usually doesn't enter the final spin cycle, so all the...
  8. J

    MVWX655DW1 Agitator/Washplate won't spin during wash cycle.

    Within the past two weeks we have been experiencing problems with our Maytag Bravo top load washer. Usually the agitator/wash plate will move during the Sensing cycle and then of course during the Wash cycle. Unfortunately this is not happening so the clothes appear to just sit there during the...
  9. B

    KAWS677EQ0 KitchenAid washer doesn't agitate

    the agitator in my washing machine is not working but I don't hear any noise at all between the the washing machine filling and spinning, it's almost like the washing machine skips the 'agitate' cycle ! any ideas would be apprecaited
  10. M

    LSQ9110LW0 Whirlpool ultimate care ii spin/agitator issues

    So I've got a couple issues I'm dealing with on an old washing machine. Model number LSQ9110LW0. Machine was leaking and leaving water in the bottom of the drum after cycles. I replaced out the water pump that stop the leaking problem but the machine still wasn't spinning properly. I replace the...
  11. T

    WPSR3100W0WW Agitator will only spin when washer is empty

    I have a GE washing machine that came with my house (unsure as to its age). I noticed recently that the agitator was barely moving. I replaced the agitator coupler with no success (the old one honestly was in pretty good shape). Both the top and bottom are failing to rotate, so the problem isn't...
  12. R

    Regardless of load size clothing often gets stuck under agitator blade, causing water overflow

    Maytag Centennial Washing Machine Clothing is continually getting caught under the agitator blade, this then causes the piece of clothing to get wrapped up, causing the water to overflow, or just shut down the washer. Is this a common issue with the Centennial? Solution??
  13. P

    110.92582100 Kenmore 80 only spins one way

    Hi - I just moved into a new house, and the washing machine has a really weird problem - it doesn't really agitate. Instead, it simply spins everything around in a circle. The agitator works, but as the basin spins the whole time, nothing really gets washed. Instead, the clothes simply get...
  14. J

    Maytag Top Load Washer - won't agitate

    Yesterday, the agitator in my washer stopped functioning during the wash cycle. It's a two belt system, and both seem to be fine. The motor also seems to be fine as the drum spins properly during the rinse cycle. Any insight on how to troubleshoot further would be greatly appreciated. I...
  15. R

    Lock light flashes, wont unlock

    I have fixed a couple of items on my Kenmore 110.28002011 washer. Originally, my wife told me there was a faint smell of burning in the wash room. The washer machine would only spin sometimes, and although you could hear the agitator humming, it was not actually agitating. I called the Sears...
  16. J

    Sweatshirt string stuck under agitator -- can't figure out how to remove agitator.

    Hello all! The string from a hooded sweatshirt wrapped itself under the agitator and is stuck there. I tried looking up how to remove the agitator but I can't tell if my model has a bolt that i need to remove or if it just pops out. I tried just pulling it out but it didn't budge. All help...
  17. J

    Maytag performa grinding sound while washing..spins fine

    I have a Maytag Performa PAV3300AWW Rev 12 Serial 12038249ZF that while washing makes a horrible grinding sound in the same cadence as the agitator. Eventually the agitator stops but the grinding sound continues. It sounds like metal gears that are stripped or grinding on each other. Could it...
  18. T

    Agitator stiffness prevents spin after clutch/brake replacement

    I replaced the brake/clutch assembly after my WP would not spin or agitate. After the repair it worked great for a few days. Now, it agitates during wash cycle just fine, but during the spin cycle the agitator seems stuck or stiff, and if the clothes are resting on it, the tub will not spin...
  19. F

    FIXED Kenmore 110.26632501 only agitates with small loads

    Tenants say the washer agitates fine with small loads, but when they peeked under the lid running a full load, the agitator wasn't agitating. Is there a belt to tighten/replace or a tensioner? Thanks for the advice (in advance) fix
  20. W

    Whirlpool direct drive washer - noise while agitating

    Hi Everyone, I am having a few problems with a Whirlpool direct drive washer model LSC8244DQ0. - First off, the washer starts and fills ok, but the agitator seems quite loose on the top and makes a strange noise while agitating. - Second, the tub will not spin during the spin cycle and...