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    LW1216ER New window AC doesn't power on after installing it

    After spending over an hour installing the ac, it doesn't power on-there is nothing wrong with the outlet/circuit. The contractor and I are guessing the issue is the control panel so I ordered one and hopefully this is the answer. What are your thoughts? I did a google search "LG" -I didn't...
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    Idylis 416710 portable A/C: Compressor runs intermittently

    I have an Idylis portable air conditioner and when turned on, the compressor runs for about 30-60 seconds before shuttering to a stop (the fans still run continuously). While the compressor is running, cold air is coming out of the unit and generally runs long enough to bring the room...
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    HELP - window air conditioner loud buzzing noise when compressor starts - now doesnt kick in.

    For weeks, my 5 year old window air conditioner made a loud buzzing noise when the cooling compressor kicked in - Then would be fine and cooled until it shut off silently - But then when the thermostat said it was ready to cool for the compressor to turn on, again the buzzing sound (like at the...
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    New Window A/C Making Buzzing/Vibrating Noise

    I recently purchased a new General Electric 6,050 BTU air conditioner, model AEZ06LT. It was installed with no issues and when we first turned it on it was wonderful and quiet. However, a few minutes later it began making a loud buzzing/vibrating noise. If I switched the unit off and then back...
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    Fixed: Loud noise (buzz/rattle/vibration) in window air conditioner

    SUMMARY: Loud buzz, even with front cover removed. Fix: wedging a toothpick under the loose lower-right corner of the evaporator. DETAIL: I had a loud, intermittent, buzz/vibration from my LG-brand window A/C. Removing the entire plastic front panel, the buzz continued, and could be made to...