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    LE8317W2 Amana Dryer making loud noises

    My Amana home dryer LE8317W2 is working but once it gets going for about 5 min it starts making a really loud kinda growling/droning noise. Any thoughts on where I should start first if I attempt to repair it myself? I've attached a video I hope the sound comes through.
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    FIXED YNED4655EW1 Amana Electric dryer - kerosene smell

    I’ve noticed my electric dryer has been putting out a kerosene smell lately. When I open the door as it’s running I smell it quite strongly. I haven’t noticed any transfer to clothing though. I have done some woodworking in the area recently so I was thinking some wood dust got in around the...
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    Amana dryer NED4705EW1 heat turns on when timer is set even without pressing start button

    Amana dryer NED4705EW1 heat element turns on when i set the timer but have not pressed the start button yet. I have replaced the thermal fuse already because it has blown out twice and have cleaned out the exhaust so there are no obstructions. The timer was replaced 4 months ago. I also noticed...
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    LE8517W2 Amana dryer screeching sound on start, rubbing grinding sound on stop

    As title says.. We had a washing machine problem and moved the dryer out. On moving the dryer back in to place we got these starting and stopping noises. Seems to run okay in between starting and stopping. I tried shifting the drum a little. The binding sound on stop seems to have reduced a...
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    Amana Dryer Ignites and Then Quickly Goes Out

    My Amana dryer starts and the igniter heats up and the flame starts about 30 seconds later. Then the flame quickly goes out after 10-20 seconds. I have checked my exhaust for blockage and I didn't find any. I have replaced the gas coils as this seems to be the leading cause of this type of...
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    Dryer runs for 10 minutes, stops, buzzes

    Over the past few weeks some issues have come up. The first; the dryer starts, runs, and heats but will stop after 10 minutes. When I try to restart the cycle it might start again or it might make a buzzing noise. If I leave the dryer alone for 30 minutes and try again it has a high likelihood...
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