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amana top freezer

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    ART2127AC Amana top freezer leaking inside. How do I access the drain in freezer compartment?

    My Amana top freezer is leaking inside, dripping down into a top shelf during defrost cycle. How do I access the drain to unclog it? The bottom panel of the freezer seems to be difficult to remove without skinning the whole machine. Can I get to the drain by removing the evaporator coil assembly?
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    Accessing the Evaporator Fan in Amana Model ESRFC16B-G

    I need guidance in accessing the Evaporator Fan in this top freezer Amana. Full model number is ESRFC16B-G P60303-77WG. There are no visible screws or other fasteners for removing the wall, floor and ceiling panels. Thanks! Poland

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