1. R

    FIXED Older Amana Electric Wall Oven. Only has a warm (not hot) lower Bake Heating Element. Need Schematic Also

    Hello all: I have an older Amana Electric Wall Oven "Model AO-24SB". Manufacture # P85567-1S. Probably 30 years old. Some places it's called a "Maytag AO-24SB" model. The lower baking element will only be warm (not a hot red glow) when the oven in on bake. The upper broiler element...
  2. Randomize

    ART316TFDW01 Amana Fridge keeps freezing inside the freezer at the top right corner.

    this keeps happening to the freezer, i dont know if i need a new part like the defrost temp control, or whatever but it keeps freezing up there and then the freezer is not freezing anything and the fridge is not getting cold enough. I already used a dryer to defrost it all and it just freezes...
  3. D

    BG21VW Not Working, but lights on - Amana refrigerator w/bottom freezer

    I have an Amana BG21VW-P1325001W W refrigerator w/bottom freezer. The unit is not working with the exception of the lights in both compartments. For a period of 24 hours the unit would work if we periodically 'tapped' the thermostat control switch, however this method no longer works. We have...
  4. J

    AFD2535FES Freon Leak - New compressor and evaporator.

    I need to access the refrigerant lines on this French Door refrigerator. Repair companies will not repair. I have been told the R134a lines are not accessible by convenient means. The compressor, evaporator, water pump, and ice maker are all one year or less old. I am willing to cut into a side...
  5. B

    FIXED ARS266ZBS Water comes out of the water dispenser in the door when the ice maker calls for water

    I've seen similar posts but I don't know that I've seen any with my exact problem. At least not on an Amana. A few weeks ago the door water dispenser and ice maker stopped working. When I say the ice maker stopped working I mean I could hear it signaling for water by a short buzzing sound but...
  6. R

    Amana ARB9059CS - Ice freezing in tray

    My lake house has an Amana ARB9059CS refrigerator over freezer and the ice in the tray appears to have been covered by a spray of water and clumps together. Also, the food in the freezer appears to get covered by a spray of water since it's covered in ice. Would this be a problem with the ice...
  7. B

    SXD25S2W Amana side x side freezer not staying cold enough

    22 year old side by side, and the freezer isnt getting colder than hi 20's. I cleaned the coils, and everything seems to be working. I turned it off for a day to make sure it wasn't frozen up, and all i noticed was a lot of water dripping out of the freezer door? When I shoot it with a temp gun...
  8. L

    ASD2522WRS07 I think my fridge died....

    Our fridge is only 5 years old. Monday night it started running loudly, like it sounded like an old fridge kind of rattly. I didn't think much of it, but then the next day some of the frozen food was slowly thawing. I was also hearing a clicking noise every 15-30 minutes or more. I think it's...
  9. R

    BRF20VCPSER Noisy bottom freezer Amana

    Is there a test mode I can enter to turn on fans separately to test for noise and function Were can I get a tech sheet??
  10. K

    LE8517W2 Amana dryer screeching sound on start, rubbing grinding sound on stop

    As title says.. We had a washing machine problem and moved the dryer out. On moving the dryer back in to place we got these starting and stopping noises. Seems to run okay in between starting and stopping. I tried shifting the drum a little. The binding sound on stop seems to have reduced a...
  11. D

    ABR2037FES Testing Amana Defrost system options

    Hello, I have been researching and trouble shooting my Amana top fridge warm - bottom freezer iced up issue. So far, it seems that the compressor still runs, the fridge damper opens and closes, evaporator fan works, condenser fan works. When I took apart the freezer, the evaporator coils were...
  12. L

    BRF20TW Amana Fridge warm not cool

    I have learned more about refrigerators in the last two days than anyone should be expected to in a lifetime. I have suffered, though I see light at the end of the tunnel. The other night while I was on my computer I heard an annoying humming sound, I thought it was the computer. When I turned...
  13. E

    ACD2234KRS Water Dispenser and Weird Clicking noise

    The side by side refrigerator we bought in 2006 has worked relatively well for many years. I'd say for the last 5 or 6 years though every once in a while it makes this loud noise that sounds like an electrical woodpecker of some kind lives in the fridge. It lasts for less than a minute and...
  14. T

    AER5830VAW1 - Replacement radiant surface element not working

    Both front radiant surface elements burned out within one month of each other. I ordered replacement elements, and installed them. The right front element works with no problem. The left front element will not work. I have tested the infinity switch by swapping it out with the exact same switch...
  15. S

    Two Problems With Amana ADB1500AWW

    We have a no-frills Amana dishwasher that is about 8 years old, and we have two problems with it. Both started about 8 months ago when I had surgery and now that I'm recovered, I'm tired of using workarounds and want to get this repaired if possible because it doesn't clean dishes very well...
  16. G

    FIXED Amana washer ALW480DAW - leaking during wash cycle

    Hello, I have the above described washer, a few weeks ago it started leaking lots of water. I opened the front area and found out that during the wash cycle the tub spins instead of agitate. This makes the water flow right out of the top. I have no clue why it's happening. Thank you for all your...
  17. K

    Dryer heat not staying on

    Amana gas dryer would not heat. Igniter lights up, but no flame. Replaced the coils, now flame will burn once. The when the igniter starts again the flame will not come back on. What could the problem be now? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  18. K

    FIXED Ice dispenser facade removal

    The foam insulated pad that goes on the flip door for the ice maker is not tight and as the ice melts an occasional drop of water falls into the drip tray which over time creates a mess. I am trying to remove the Dispenser facade on the front of the frigerator door but can not see how it is...
  19. D

    1956 Amana Stor-Mor - Fix it, or forget it?

    Back Story After looking into buying a deep-freeze for the garage, my wife and I were quickly reminded of how disgusted we are with quality of appliances now-a-days (and most other products for that matter). So, we decided to take a gamble and purchase a 1956 Amana Stor-Mor Refrigerator/Freezer...
  20. A

    amana speed queen top washer oil link !!!

    MY amana speed queen top washer machine has oil link inside and oils my clothes . what can be the problem ? is it worth to fix ? i submit you some pics in attachment to see the problem.