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    AER5830VAW1 - Replacement radiant surface element not working

    Both front radiant surface elements burned out within one month of each other. I ordered replacement elements, and installed them. The right front element works with no problem. The left front element will not work. I have tested the infinity switch by swapping it out with the exact same switch...
  2. S

    Two Problems With Amana ADB1500AWW

    We have a no-frills Amana dishwasher that is about 8 years old, and we have two problems with it. Both started about 8 months ago when I had surgery and now that I'm recovered, I'm tired of using workarounds and want to get this repaired if possible because it doesn't clean dishes very well...
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    FIXED Amana washer ALW480DAW - leaking during wash cycle

    Hello, I have the above described washer, a few weeks ago it started leaking lots of water. I opened the front area and found out that during the wash cycle the tub spins instead of agitate. This makes the water flow right out of the top. I have no clue why it's happening. Thank you for all your...
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    Dryer heat not staying on

    Amana gas dryer would not heat. Igniter lights up, but no flame. Replaced the coils, now flame will burn once. The when the igniter starts again the flame will not come back on. What could the problem be now? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    FIXED Ice dispenser facade removal

    The foam insulated pad that goes on the flip door for the ice maker is not tight and as the ice melts an occasional drop of water falls into the drip tray which over time creates a mess. I am trying to remove the Dispenser facade on the front of the frigerator door but can not see how it is...
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    1956 Amana Stor-Mor - Fix it, or forget it?

    Back Story After looking into buying a deep-freeze for the garage, my wife and I were quickly reminded of how disgusted we are with quality of appliances now-a-days (and most other products for that matter). So, we decided to take a gamble and purchase a 1956 Amana Stor-Mor Refrigerator/Freezer...
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    amana speed queen top washer oil link !!!

    MY amana speed queen top washer machine has oil link inside and oils my clothes . what can be the problem ? is it worth to fix ? i submit you some pics in attachment to see the problem.
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    Amana water inlet valve by Invensys replacement

  9. M

    Getting too hot and shutting off

    I have an electric Amana dryer, about 6 years old from what I've been told. Model# ALE331RAW, with the manufacture model# PALE331RAW. I've only been using it for the last two years. It started acting up a few months ago, getting too hot and shutting off. I always clean the lint screen after...
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    making a scraping/grinding noise

    My trusty dryer started making a scraping/grinding noise (hard to describe but more scraping less grinding) in the last few days. Is this the bearings or motor or something else? Coincidentally (maybe not?) my GFI wall plug also seems to have gone bad - maybe due to a heavier than normal...
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    Amana/Maytag Water Filter Noise

    Hello, I just replaced my water filter on my Amana refrigerator and after filling water for a few seconds, it starts making a violent vibrating noise and the flow slows to a trickle. I do not have a bypass valve so I tried putting the old filter back on and it does not make the noise nor slow...
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    foods freezing in refrigerator

    Amana french door with ice maker (like the Maytag Ice2o). The temp was set to -2(freezer) and 40(refrigerator) since purchased in 2007. Now food starting to freeze on top middle shelf and in the vegetable drawer. I measured the temp in the drawer and it was at 32. I turned both temps to off...
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    Amana Dryer won't heat

    My Amana dryer was given to me by a friend 2 years ago. I believe it's 6-10 years old. It has worked beautifully until yesterday when it suddenly stopped heating. It will spin the clothes but will not dry them. Any suggestions?
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    Amana French Door Refrigerator

    This is a friendly cautionary tale for anyone in the market for a refrigerator. (1) A little more than four years after I bought an Amana French Door refrigerator (Model # AFI2538AEQ), the ice-maker quit, and a replacement was no longer available. Whirlpool--which now owns Amana and several...
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    Kenmore Elite 596 french door bottom freezer, freezer and fridge not cold

    Hello, I have a 5yr and 2 month (JUST out of extended warranty) Kenmore Elite fridge that has stopped working. Both the condenser and evaporator fans are running, the compressor "sounds" like it is running (slightly warm and vibrates a bit). I have removed the started relay and it doesnt make...
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    Amana top loader, right before spin cycle the motor hums, no spin and trips internal breaker

    Hello everyone, I hope maybe I can get some help with my Amana LWA50AW. Its been acting up for a couple of months now, basically what its doing is.. It will fill with water and then it pauses like I believe it should, but when it tries to kick back on into the spin cycle the motor just hums and...
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    Amana Distinction - Smoking and very brief spinning & bump

    I have an Amana Distinction DLW330RAW Washer that started smoking so I thought I burned a belt because the tub wouldn't move. After I didn't touch it for a few weeks, I put it on the spin cycle and it move a few seconds but then it stopped again. So immediately, I tried it again and it bumped...
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    FIXED TR22S4E Water off 4 days now Amana ice maker not working

    Last week had to shut off the water supply to 1/2 of my house due to a leak. It was off 4 days because I had all the 55 year old hot & cold feeder lines replaced. Water is back on but we've had no ice for 3 days now. Could it be that the water in the line froze while the water was off? Or...
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    Removing the main circuit board on amana ACF4215AW

    Hi, Similar question from another post, but essentially, if we can remove the circuit board & ship it to a guy in the midwest, he can fix for about $130 versus replace the whole stove. Our oven no longer works propoerly; we describe as 'Stephen King' oven--turns itself on if a stove top burner...
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    amana model SBD21VPSE water not getting past filter

    I have an Amana side by side and the ice maker stopped working and so did the water dispenser in the door. I determined that water was getting to the filter but not past it. I replaced the filter with a by pass plug but still no luck. If I remove the plug and press the lever water will come...
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