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    model:ARB2109 cycle of buzzing then click

    * Background: Amana, bottom freezer, unit is again making several cycles of nnnnnnnnyet, nnnnnnnnnyet buzz sounds at the bottom rear followed by a click and then silence for several minutes. A month ago I replaced the overload relay after ignoring this sound (thought it was something else and...
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    Amana DRB1901CC Frost Issue

    Good evening, I own an Amana DRB1901CC fridge with the freezer located in the bottom. Problem: Freezer frosts up to the point that no cooling takes place in fridge portion. Prior to freezing up completely, left vegetable drawer starts freezing items. What I know: -Coils clean -No frozen...
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    Amana BX21TE - silent, lights on & warm

    We have an Amana Bx21TE that simply went silent one day. The lights come on but no fans are running and the fridge makes no sounds at all. We unplugged it a week or so ago and just left it alone (while we decided what to do next). Plugged it back in today and tried turning the defrost timer...
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    Amana side by side intermittent compressor problem

    I have a 4 1/2 year old Amana side by side that makes a loud buzzing as if it is trying to start the compressor and then it stops and just the fan comes on. There are other times that the compressor does indeed come on but recently that stopped as well and the freezer and frig were not cooling...
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    Amana side by side sxd23ve evap fan

    I have a sxd23ve that frosts up.. The evap fan has a set of brown wires going to it. which seems to be a neutral. I only get about 60 volts to the fan.. but when I run a neutral dirctly to the terminal where the brown wires land the fan runs with 120v. To make this worse it is intermittant...