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    GE CVE28DP2NBS1 - Have 8 refrigerator door/drawers

    I have multiple doors/drawers with slight blemishes for a GE 4-door, Frenchdoor refrigerator I need to get rid of. Wondered if anyone has suggestions. They seem too valuable to send to the landfill and I hate the thought of filling up landfills with useable parts. I have 1 freezer drawer sent...
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    Correct Sensor and Control Board for GE stove model JBP65GV2WH?

    The preheat light is flashing and the broiler turned on instead of baking. Based on other helpful posts here, I understand the sensor or control board are likely the issue. However, when I searched for these parts myself using the GE model number (JBP65GV2WH), multiple different sensors and...
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    Where to find Heat Exchanger for my KitchenAid Refrigerator?

    Hello all, My Heat Exchanger (Part #: 2002403) for my KitchenAid Refrigerator (Model # KSSS48DBX00) has gone out. I have spoken with many appliance re-sellers & they tell me that KitchenAid stops making parts supporting their refrigerators after 7 years. I am in desperate need of finding a...