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    GE Profile Artica PSI23NGMAWW Compressor runs extremely hot, not cooling properly

    - Compress runs extremely hot, condenser is hot as well - Freezer is 18-24 degrees - Fridge is 38-44 degrees I replaced the defrost heater because the ends were blackened. I did not replace anything else yet. The evaporator fan does kick in after I left the doors open for a few minutes. The...
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    FIXED GE Artica Fridge slowly warming up

    About a month ago I noticed the freezer would sit at around 3 degrees and slowly it has risen in the past month were tonight it is at 14 degrees any ideas on what could be the problem?
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    GE Profile Artica Water Dispenser Not Dispensing

    This is a 2006/7 fridge. Last week my water dispenser stopped working. I took out the drawers and noticed the Water Tank sprang a leak. I ordered the part and replaced it today. It has filled up and there is water going to the door but no water is coming out. I double checked the connections...