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    Asko W6461 stops mid-cycle, no error displayed.

    Hi again, The same guy who asked me to repair the fridge also has a failed Asko W6461 he bought in 2005. This is a higher-end, horizontal drum machine. According to him, it has suddenly stopped working properly, not completing cycle, but not displaying any error either. Frustrating. He...
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    Asko dryer works but LG and Samsung do not

    Weird situation after a home renovation. Our LG dryer (model DLE4870W) stopped working when plugged into the new receptacle after renovation was finished. We had service folks come out and connecting to a 120V plug could get the dryer to spin (but not heat obviously), but could not get the...
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    Viking Dishwasher drains constantly

    Hi there. Viking DW drains constantly. I've checked for water in the pan. None. I've tested the float switch, it's fully operational. ALL the lights on the control panel are on. None are blinking. I've already replaced the main control board. It filled and washed briefly. Then reverted back to...
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    ASKO 1385 how to remove impeller

    I believe the impeller is broken and needs replacing. Does anyone know how to release the motor so that I can get to the impeller.