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    GTWN4250M1WS GE Washer - Makes a racket spinning, Should I replace everything?

    I have a GE top loading washer GTWM4250M1WS. It makes a racket spinning. I'm going to attempt changing the WH38X10017 Shaft and Tube Assembly. Am I correct in assuming this is the more likely faulty part? I'm not confident I can just do the bearings part of this. And I can get that part for...
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    790.36933905 Kenmore Range oven door fell apart

    To all. My oven door fell apart the other day, and I reassembled it. There are two parts that I do not understand where they go. they are part 3b on a Kenmore 790.36933905 gas range/oven. According to the parts diagram here...
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    795.71053.010 Kenmore Refrigerator - My ice bin fell apart. How to re-assemble?

    I took my ice bin out to dump some ice into a bowl and the whole crusher / dispenser assembly fell apart. I guess one of the screws was loose. I have all the parts I just don't know in what order to put all the parts back in and the manual doesn't show how this assembly goes together. Can anyone...
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    RE: Icemaker leaking

    RE: Icemaker leaking In the closed thread Jake replies to katabell in post #8 "Ok, in your case its a little different, when you lift the arm that just turns the ice maker off, thus no...
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    Brake Assembly Sticking

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here. I just disassembled the hell out of my 30-year-old Maytag A407 top-load washer and can now say that I know a lot about it. If anyone has any questions regarding this washer (or similar), I think I can help you out. For me, it started with a little diverter leak...