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bake doesn't work

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    FIXED NX58H9500WS/AA Samsung Range - Oven Bake Flame low or off.

    Hello, About a month ago, our two year old Samsung NX58H9500WS/AA Gas Stove/Range started to be unable to bake or get up to temperature. When we turn it on, it will light after 20-30 seconds, we get a nice big blue flame! Then the gas slowly lowers down and stays pretty low. We do not hear...
  2. S

    Broiler works but bake does not JennAir JGRP436WP01

    Hi, I have a JannAir gas range. Both the burners and the Broil function work with no issue, but the brake does not work. I can see sparks from the igniter, so that's not the issue. Also I am not able to small any gas in the oven, so I think there is no gas sent to the unit from the valve. As I...
  3. R

    Broiler works but bake does not Maytag Gas Range MGS5770ADW

    Recently my gas oven bake option quit working. The broiler and stove top are working fine. Replaced the bottom gas oven igniter and it still is not igniting. Is there something else that may be the problem?
  4. E

    FIXED NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung Gas Oven - bake/broil and oven light do not work.

    Our NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung gas oven/range is almost 2 years old. First noticed the oven not heating in bake mode yesterday. Luckily a neighbor let us bake a cake in their oven! (Happy Birthday Grandma!) Today I am searching forums, preparing to debug and find the problem. I haven't found any...
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    Vintage 1959 GE Built in Oven Need to locate Bake Part

    I have a 1959 GE built in oven with the model number of J752S1BC. Recently the bottom bake coil stop heating up. For the life of me, I don't know where to find a replacement! Please help :) Thank you all in advance!
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    Admiral Stove A79F-5EXW-R, bake works, boil won't.

    Earlier this week, while cooking, the bake element melted/sheared. Ordered a replacement (amazon.com/gp/product/B08633VNMC/), got it today. Reattached the terminals, put it back in, but the bake option is no longer heating up. It will broil, however. On broil, get ~239/240v across the bake...
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    WFI910H0AS Whirlpool Oven extremely slow heating and cools off

    About 2 years ago, we purchased a Whirlpool WFI910H0AS when we redid the kitchen. It had worked well for the first 22 months, then 2 months ago, the oven started having problems heating up and maintaining heat. Here's some of the things we noticed: When using "Bake", the oven heats extremely...
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    Viking oven does not bake; broil works

    The bake function for my Viking oven stopped working. The spark igniter sparks, but does not ignite gas. I cannot smell any gas as well. Any clues to what may be wrong? Is it the spark igniter? I wrote to a spare parts website, and they suggested the DSI board or the FJT valve. Any way I can...
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    Electrolux wall double oven bake does not work broiler does

    Hi, Bake does not work in either the top or bottom oven. Broil, however, works in both. I have pressed reset on the thermal switch (fuse) and it did not fix it. Doesn't make sense both bake elements would go bad at the same time. Sounds like others have found the relays in the control board are...

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