bake igniter

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    PGB960SEJSS GE Range - Are gas igniters interchangeable?

    Hi everyone! I have the following stove that the lower oven stopped igniting. I took it apart and turned the oven on and the igniter doesn't glow at all. I think it might be the igniter. GE Model: PGB960SEJSS I found the following igniter available for the stove at an online GE parts store...
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    Jenn-Air Range PRG3010NP - Igniters that will work on old oven, when official parts are discontinued

    Hey all, bought a house a couple years ago with an old Jenn-Air. Both the bake and broil igniters failed at like the same time. I have home insurance on it, so I gave them a call to come replace it. The tech that came by said that the igniter switches are discontinued, so they'd have to just...
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