1. J

    FIXED 790.46893903 Kenmore Range - Please help if you have one of these models/parts

    Kenmore range/oven Control Board Part # 318296824 (PCB: 84C5333 Rev A) The bake element burned out, shorted against the bake box cover, burned contacts in molex connector B, and created a current surge through the bake circuit. As a result, resistor R41 (see pic) burned up. (Pics are from a...
  2. L

    FIXED Samsung Range NX58H5600SS oven bake gas turns on and off

    Appreciate any help with this issue. When turning on oven bake, ignitor glows, after 20 seconds gas comes on, ignites, burns fine, but then gas shuts of after 15-20 seconds. Ignitor stays glowing, after 15-20 seconds gas comes back on. It keeps repeating this, with the time between turn on /shut...
  3. J

    NX58H5600SS/AA Samsung Bake won’t work...again!

    About a month ago, the oven would intermittently not ignite. Then it completely failed. The broil function worked fine. Upon pressing “Bake” then “Start”, a clicking sound was audible. So I figured the igniter was bad and replaced it. Since then, it has worked fine. Today, the same thing is...
  4. J

    GY397LXUB02 Whirlpool range buttons still not bake, etc.

    Hey Folks, RE: GY397LXUB02 Whirlpool slide-in range Issue: buttons that don't work - bake, numbers, clean, warm, favorites, timer, light buttons that do work - broil, clock, cook/hold, cancel I tried a replacement control board WP8507P392-60 and symptoms stayed...
  5. B

    Frigidaire FGF366EBB oven won't stay on after preheat setting.

    Hello to all! I am experiencing problems with my Frigidaire gas oven/range (Model # FGF366EBB) going on a month now. I am imploring anyone with repair ideas to point me in the right direction. THE PROBLEM: After I set the oven to the bake setting, the oven begins its preheat cycle and starts...
  6. M

    GS445LEMS3 Bake Fails to Detect Spark. Everything else works

    About 1 year ago, the bake function of my oven stopped working. Everything else on the oven worked fine. It would spark, ignite, and then fail to detect the lit burner. I cleaned the burner and igniter with steel wool and a wire brush, which solved the problem, but the oven smelled funny. I...
  7. F

    LGEF3043KFH Control Board / Wiring Harness questions

    During troubleshooting of why my Bake feature wasn't working I found some melted wiring on my control board. It seems obvious that I need to replace the wiring harness but my first question is given the pictures and extent of damage does it seem that I should replace the control board as...
  8. M

    YGY396LXPS01 Bake button not working

    I inherited a Whirlpool Gold Series slide in oven, model YGY396LXPS01, in a condo purchase. The bake button does not work. All of the other buttons work. I can use "Custom Broil", but when I press "Bake" nothing happens. Any ideas for what is going on? Thanks.
  9. J

    Replaced igniter but still no glow or heat

    I got home from vacation and had no heat when turning on my oven. Broiler and burners work. After review of previous threads on the forum I figured a quick igniter swap would do the trick because it wouldn't glow at all. No dice. The new igniter does not glow either. I'm guessing something...
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    Kenmore 911.47702200 Bake button not responding.....

    Hello, The bake button on the control panel does not respond or engage the oven to start. Do you think this could be a bad element? Any other thoughts? <o:p></o>
  11. S

    FIXED 790.96123402 Kenmore Bake/Broil will not heat

    My Kenmore oven would not heat on bake setting, the broil worked. I removed and tested the element for continuity, and it was bad. I replaced the element and heated it once for a test. It worked fine, but then when I went to use the oven later that evening, neither bake nor broil would heat...
  12. M

    Control Issue?

    I have a GE XL44 Gas Range. The oven will not light when set to a temp. However the broil function will work. This is what has been checked: Sensor checks ok. 1099 ohms. I pulled the igniter out and powered it up with 120 volts. Lights up fine. Nice and red within seconds. Last I checked...
  13. F

    GE Profile Gas Range Will Not Heat Up - JGS968S0H3SS

    Everything works on oven except it will not heat up for Bake or Convection oven. Burners Broiler Clock and everything works. Does not heat up for Bake Style# JGS968S0H3SS Any solutions would be appreciated:)
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