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    110.47789700 Kenmore Elite HE5t front load washer terrible sound at the end of spin cycle

    Hello, Can someone please help me to identify the issue ? Kenmore washer ('07, Model Kenmore Elite HE5t Model 110.47789700) makes banging sound at the end of the spinning cycle It spins ok even at high rpm and does that banging sound like a motorcycle at the end of spin Video is here Thank you
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    Whirlpool Banging - LXE4900L0

    Hi My washer is banging during agitation only, no banging during spin. I took a look at the drive system and found a lot of slop between the cam and spring loaded wheels in the basket drive. I've attached two photos showing the amount of slop: the fist photo shows me pointing at the cam...
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    110.26712693 Kenmore 70 series grinding sound and thumping

    So my Kenmore 70 series washer is making a grinding sound and then when it goes to spin it gets off balance and starts banging the side. What would i need to repkace to fix these issues?
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    WBVH6240 How to test shocks banging wet clothes on heavy load

    Hi group, we have a GE WBVH6240 it's about 2005 just replaced the control board a couple months ago bad power switch... The next issue we've had is on a heavy load like a blanket once it's wet I noticed the machine isn't spinning high speed like it does-rephrase that, it does but not always and...
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    GLTF1240AS0 Frigidaire Gallery Front Load Washer LOUD banging during final spin

    Hi All, I have a Frigidaire Gallery Front Load Washer. Model GLTF1240AS0, Serial XC35112025. I'm not sure how old it is. It came with the house. We moved in a year and a half ago. It recently has started a huge banging sound on the final spin cycle. I haven't noticed out of place noises at...
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