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    NV51K7770SG Samsung Flex Duo Wall Oven - Cosmetic Replacement

    I just purchased a Flex Duo Wall-oven. NV51K7770SG. The front of the door has a number of deep scratches. This was an open box item, so I negotiated what I think was a good price for it. However, I would like to see if it's possible to purchase the parts necessary to change out the black...
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    New DLEY1091KE Dryer for Sale

    I've happened upon an LG dryer (model# DLEY1091KE) that I am selling. The color is indicated in the model #, which is black stainless. Price is $550, which is a few hundred dollars less than what you can find online. I'm not familiar with shipping appliances, but, I do offer free local...