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    DWT59500SS Blomberg Dishwasher -Leak that won't go away.

    After multiple self-repairs, my Blomberg (made by the Turkish mfg: Arcelik) began leaking a year ago. The original problem had been harder to figure out--a small electric motor that turns a multi-position valve assembly to route water to different parts of the machine burned out and I replaced...
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    FIXED Blomberg (24" Ventless HeatPump Dryer) - Loud Noise on Dry Cycle

    we own a blomberg washer and dryer (WM98400SX and DHP24412W). they are a little over 3 years old. recently the dryer started making a loud intermittent noise during its dry cycle. The noise is not continuous, it will start and last 30 to 60 sec or more. When it first started the noise would come...

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