blown fuse

  1. JacobJ

    JVM3160RF4SS Fuse blowing - Possibly related to turntable

    I have a GE JVM3160RF4SS Microwave and the turntable started making some noises and the fuse blew a little after that noises started. I changed the fuse and it blows again after a few minutes. When I start a heating cycle and turn off the turntable immediately it doesn't affect the fuse and...
  2. R

    Jenn Air Microwave blows fuse

    I have a JENN AIR JMV8208BAS microwave that keeps blowing one or both of the two internal fuses on the noise filter board. I have replaced the HV capacitor, diode and magnetron. I tested the HV transformer and thought it was ok but now an appliance repair service tells me that the HV transformer...