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    Bosch SHE45M - keeps running out of rinse aid

    Hey all, I have a Bosch dishwasher model #SHE45M, about 15 years old, and I keep feeding it rinse aid and the light comes back on after 1-2 loads. Any idea what could be wrong, and how much to DIY fix, or at this advanced age, should I just replace? Other than this, it still works pretty well. TIA.
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    Bosch SHI66U05/14 New Controller All Over The Place

    I have replaced the circulation pump, heater unit and finally the controller in a 16 year old dishwasher. The old controller had a burnt relay and the new one got all the motors running again. The only issue is that the timer on the regular cycle jumps all over the place. Last time I tried it...
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    SHE3AR56UC/08 Bosch won't drain - already replaced pump

    This dishwasher was here when we moved in, but based on the model number I'm guessing it was new in 2008? The dishwasher will run a full cycle, but won't drain. If I don't bail out the water, it will initiate a cycle, but quickly move to "clean" without draining. If I bail out the water, it will...
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    FIXED SHE4AP06UC/06 Bosch not draining and cycle is short

    Hello, My dishwasher starts normal, I can hear the water running but after about 10 minutes stops and shows "CLEAN". The bottom is full with water. I checked the filter=OK (clean), checked the impeller=OK (not obstructed, turns freely), checked the water hose (used the shop vac and sucked...
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    FIXED: SHE53TL5UC/01 Rinse Aid Dispenser Leaks Onto Silverware at Front of Dishwasher

    SHE53TL5UC/01 Rinse Aid Dispenser Leaks Onto Silverware at Front of Dishwasher and Leaves it Sticky Up until a few months ago, my dishwasher's rinse aid dispenser worked fine. I had it set at "3," which is considered medium. Then one day, it ran out of the liquid rinse agent. After I...
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    Bosch Dishwasher Control Buttons SHU5315UC/UO6

    Hi i have a Bosch Dishwasher (M) SHU5315UC/U06 (S/N) FD7904 Im looking for a used control panel W/everything or Just the 6 control buttons #176079 Thank you
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    FIXED Bosch SHX46A05UC/40 does not advance past wash cycle

    DW starts when door is closed; drains and fills with water and dispenses soap and sprays water correctly; BUT water does not get hot and the unit continues to run (and run and run) without end to this wash cycle. I am guessing on these four parts as being at fault - 1. control board, 2...
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    Help with choosing between these two dishwashers

    I've been trying to decide between purchasing a Bosch SHE65T56UC or a GE GDF540HMFES. There are some pros and cons to both to me that make it a difficult decision for me, maybe someone can help. The BOSH Rated 80 on consumer reports +) The Bosch have the highest consumer reports rating on...
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    SHE43F02UC/52 Bosch dishwasher not draining

    I found my dishwasher basin filled with water, the pump is vibrating, but no water is being removed from the basin. I was looking through the appliance blog and found a similar blog with a video that describes how to remove and replace the pump (which its most likely seems to be). As I went...