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    how do I find the following part??? Bosch dishwasher

    This little tiny connector is holding up my repair Was changing out my rinse aid dispenser on my Bosch super silence plus 42a. model number SHPM78Z55N/01 I was taking out the yellow 2-wire connector from the cellanoid (sp?) and the little white connector broke and the 2 wires fell out and now I...
  2. W

    Remove the alarm/buzzer from Bosch 3-door B36IT71SNS

    Hi, We have a Bosch 3-door B36IT71SNS built-in fridge (see attached). Would like to remove the alarm/buzzer permanently. On the back of the main control PCB: white label has: DIEHL 709373-09, BSH 9000 070 278; black label has: 9000 391 794. I speculate that the buzzer/alarm speaker is on...
  3. V

    HBL8650UC/11 Bosch oven not maintaining proper temperature

    Hi, I have a Bosch double oven which can not keep temperature correctly. Both ovens stopped maintaining proper temperature - sometimes it goes up to the set temperature, but then it does not maintain it. Also, sometimes they work fine and sometimes they do not. I am guessing it is either the...
  4. M

    BOSCH - SMU6ZCW01S , getting E:69-00

    Hello i have a brand new BOS-SMU6ZCW01S diswasher, it worked fine for the first couple of days then all of sudden it started showing E:69-00. I have tryd everything (basics) and searched for this error code all over and cant find anything on it, even tryd other fixes for other error codes and...
  5. G

    BOSCH B26FT70SNS fridge - Ice Maker Working Intermittently

    Hello everyone, I own a BOSCH B26FT70SNS fridge. Bought it in 2015 and has worked perfectly all these years. A few months ago, the ice maker started working intermittently. It sometimes fills the tray with ice and most of the times it only has about 20% of the tray filled with ice. Called a...
  6. J

    Bosch refrigerator parts

    Hi, I'll soon be moving to the US from Italy and I need to purchase repairs parts for my Bosch refrigerator. Some of the parts will not be delivered until after I move so I'm debating whether to purchase them in the US. The parts I'm looking for are the following: Cooling fan, thermostat, and...
  7. A

    FIXED Bosch Dishwasher SHEM63W52N, E24, and weak drain stream...

    Hi everyone, We've had this Bosch dishwasher for several years now and it's worked really well until last fall when it started throwing E24 codes. After some light research I cleaned the filter and tried running it again but the code persisted. I then checked the entire drain path and...
  8. D

    B26FT70SNS/08 Bosch Refrigerator - Ice Compartment not cold enough

    My ice maker in my bosch (B26FT70SNS/08) is not completing its cycle. (not dropping in bucket unless manually cycled) The only thing I can think of is the temperature is not getting cold enough in the ice compartment which is in the top left of the fridge. I have the freezer turned all the way...
  9. T

    Bosch HGS8655UC weak broiler

    I have a Bosch HGS8655UC freestanding range. I've noticed recently that the broiler is getting weaker and weaker. I took a video of the lighting process and you can see how weak the flames are. I've seen a lot of stuff on the internet about failing igniters causing safety valves not to open...
  10. D

    Bosch B26FT70SNS ice maker only feeding a little water

    my ice maker has stopped working. I can see that only a little water is being fed in to the tray not enough to make any ice. Just covering the bottom. I tried replacing the entire ice maker unit and its doing the same exact thing. Only feeding enough to cover the bottom of the tray....My water...
  11. K

    HBN8651UC/02 5 years Bosch Double Wall Oven Not Completing Preheat

    I have a 27" Bosch Double Wall Oven that does not come up to set temperature. I replaced the temperature sensor, it is good. I tried to replace the control module, but the display will not come on with the new module. The only thing that works is the oven light. If I replace the old control...
  12. M

    Bosch Ascenta Dryer WTB86200UC/02 - drain connection

    The protruding plastic piece on the back of the dryer that the drain line goes over broke off. I'm having trouble finding a part name/number to begin the search for a replacement. Any suggestions? I would try gluing it back on, but I don't have it. I bought the machine used. It otherwise...
  13. B

    Gaggenau EB 290 / 291 wall oven F 14 error

    I have two Gaggenau EB 290 / 291 wall ovens and one of them beeps randomly and displays a "F 14" error code. I believe I need to replace the power module part #00268401, but it is no longer available from the manufacturer, appliance parts websites or ebay. I have even checked with circuit...
  14. B

    Bosch Dishwasher SPE53U52UC/42 On even when breaker off?

    As will probably be apparent from this question, I am VERY new at this and any help is greatly appreciated! I am trying to change the detergent dispenser on my Bosch dishwasher model SPE53U52UC/42. But of course first I am turning it off from the breaker. Well I flipped off the breaker and it...
  15. M

    HMC80251UC/01 Bosch Microwave Display Is Out

    The display on my Bosch microwave went out. This is a known problem with Bosch microwaves so I purchased a new display (incl. mainboard, old one was rel 1, new one is rel 3)) from Bosch directly . I plugged that one in but the display is still out. Hence, I suspect it's not the...
  16. G

    Cannot open Bosch washer 300 series (WAT28400UC) filter.

    Hello, I am not sure how to open a washer filter. It is an area where coins and other stuff should be collected. There is a round door in front right bottom of the machine. Behind the door there is a filter lock. I supposed to unscrew a big blue plastic "screw" - lock. I can turn it for about...
  17. B

    HBL8450 Bosch Oven Heating Woes -- Normal?

    We are pretty frustrated because we bought a new HBL8450 oven and a new microwave (several thousand dollars worth) only 18 months ago and we’ve had numerous issues. We could really use some advice right now to determine if this behavior below is normal. Perhaps if someone can explain what’s...
  18. A

    Bosch dishwasher SHE3AR72UC powers up then shuts off after 10 seconds

    Brand new Bosch dishwasher just installed. Followed every installation procedure correctly. It has power and good water pressure. But when I try to turn it on and start a cycle, it powers up, then shuts off after 10 seconds or so. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  19. S

    SHE4AP06UC/06 Bosch dishwasher immediately jumps to clean?

    New to this forum! We have a Bosch dishwasher model # SHE4AP06UC/06 bought around 2013. For a year now it takes a few tries to get it started. When it does start it runs fine, no problems draining or cleaning dishes. I keep the filters and such clean. However after replacing the...
  20. J

    SHY66C05UC/23 Bosch dishwasher soap door not opening

    Bosch model #SHY66C05UC/23 soap dispensing door not opening. I have tried cleaning to no avail. Seems like an actuator is not opening the door?

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