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    Bosch WTA3500 dryer won't start

  2. A

    Bosch DW SHX will only run for a few mins

    Hi everyone! First time poster. I am a repair tech with three years experience, not very long I know, however, I do consider myself pretty good at most things but I have a problem with a bosch SHX4AP05UC/02 dishwasher. Origonal complaint was the customer said that it would turn on, run for a few...
  3. C

    Bosch will not start a cycle

    My Bosch was showing 52 minutes left in cycle the other day but no noise was being made. I opened the door and it turned on, sounded like it was trying to pull out water although there was no sitting water inside. I reset the machine (held the two 'cancel drain' buttons down) and opened the...
  4. V

    Bosch Convection Wall Oven not heating

    I replaced a cooling fan on a bosh convection wall oven over the weekend. It was a simple process, but now the unit is not providing any heat on any of the cooking settings. I looked for loose connections, but did not find anything. The fan now works. Any suggestions on what might be wrong? Thanks.
  5. J

    SHE45M05UC/48 Doesn't drain completely

    The cycles seem to run fine, but at the end of it the base of the washer is full of cloudy water, and the dishes feel a little soapy. The hose goes to the garbage disposal which has an 18 cabinet and a 36 in corner between it and the dishwasher. The water runs down the sink drain fine. Any...
  6. J

    SHE45M05UC/48 Won't Fill

    Hi, I am looking for some help with my Bosch dishwasher. When I turn it on the pump runs but it will not fill. The other symptom is that the cycle durations have all changed on me. Two questions based on what I have learned from the threads so far. 1. Where is the float valve on this...

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