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bottom freezer

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    Samsung Refrigerator RF28HFEDTSR - bottom freezer, ice maker not working

    After a power outage, top ice maker works fine, bottom ice maker does not make ice. (before outage, was bottom ice maker was fine.). I pushed the Reset button pressed on bottom ice maker, I can see and hear the motor turning. confirmation Chime bell at end. YET, No ice produced. Any ideas?
  2. J

    RF28R6301SR Samsung Refrigerator - Bottom freezer, top drawer square opening

    What is this opening for in my top drawer of bottom freezer ?
  3. B

    WRF736SDAF10 Whirlpool Refrigerator - dispenser control board cycling ever 3 seconds

    My whirlpool Gold Series, model WRF736SDAF10, started acting up. This fridge is 5 yrs old. The dispenser control board has started cycling (for lack of better term) every 3 seconds or so and "singing" to us. Unable to press any buttons or dispense ice/water. If 1 door is open, control panel...
  4. S

    FIXED Maytag MBR2256KES - Bottom freezing over

    Hello, About three years ago, my bottom freezer started to frost over. After some research, I found a couple of things that might be wrong. I replaced the defrost thermostat, and defrost/evaporator heater. I plugged my fridge back in and after a week or so, the freezer started to freeze up...
  5. L

    PWE23KMDEES Bottom Freezer Drawer Slide

    This is a french door GE refrigerator with a bottom freezer. The top drawer in the freezer is mounted with metal drawer slides on each side. The drawer became dislodged from one slide and when I removed the drawer, the left drawer slide came off. The slide has not been damaged, but there are two...
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    LRFD25850TT Water dripping from freezer bottom, French doors with bottom freezer

    I'm new to this forum so forgive me if my post doesn't follow the norm. The problem: A sheet of ice has formed on the freezer floor. During the defrost cycle, it partially melts and drips out through the bottom of the drawer. I removed the freezer food basket and disposed of the ice. This...
  7. P

    CYE22TSHDSS GE Cafe freezer not getting cold but fridge working

    Hello, My Ge café fridge has that this problem for a few weeks and I cant seem to figure out what's causing it. The fridge part of the appliance is working(getting cold) but the bottom freezer is not. I have ran the diagnostics in Service Mode and verified all the fans are running. I have not...
  8. A

    WRX988SIBM00 Whirlpool freezer not getting cold

    We just bought a used whirlpool bottom freezer fridge. The fridge works great but the freezer won’t get cold at all. Both the condenser and the evaporator fans are running and the coils in the freezer look clean. There is air blowing in the freezer but it’s not cold. Not sure what to check...
  9. M

    795.78343802 Ice Build up in Bottom Freezer

    Hi, I have got a Kenmore Refrigerator & Freezer with model # 795.78343802. For some reason there is a lot of ice being build up in the bottom freezer. I did cleaned it out 3 weeks ago but turning off the Fridge and than removed ice manually. Also did cleaned the back side the fridge with vacuum...
  10. R

    BRF20VCPSER Noisy bottom freezer Amana

    Is there a test mode I can enter to turn on fans separately to test for noise and function Were can I get a tech sheet??
  11. L

    106.6665000 ICE not frost in Freezer SEARS COLDSPOT 14 Frostless (Fridge with Bottom Freezer)

    I am being very descriptive here because I have found no help googling. My mother is currently searching old Rubbermaid bins for the manual I saved. Model number is 106.6665000 Serial Number 6D158925 115 volts SEARS COLDSPOT FROSTLESS 14 SPACEMASTER Interior is Robin Egg/Teal color...
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    FIXED Defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer Model 596.69283011

    I am having a defrost cycle issue with my Kenmore bottom mount freezer (Model #: 596.69283011). The freezer is working, but fridge gets warm. Even before this happens I can tell it is going to happen with extra frost on freezer items and really hard ice cream. Also I usually find some frost on...
  13. J

    Mainboard WR55X10416 replacement problem

    Hi, everyone So my freshfood and freezer both had failed, with compressor hot and not starting, and compressor fan stopped. After some googling I have replaced a relay and still the same, so I'v called a repair man to do a diagnostic. He was sure it was motherboard. So I bought CB10942 which...
  14. Z

    Frosty bottom drawer freezer

    Whirpool Gold French door with bottom drawer freezer; just over 2 years old. Never had any frost issues in the freezer until after I 'fixed' a bottom leaking/ice build up with the drain fix kit (W10619951). Ever since that fix (no more drain or bottom ice build up) frost has built up, beginning...
  15. A

    GE Profile Refrigerator - How to Triage Coolling problems for Fridge and Freezer

    Hello all- I have had this GE profile (French doors with freezer on the bottom) refrigerator since 2007, pretty much without any issues. Then one morning few days ago, temperatures for both compartments started to rise, ultimately settling at 47 degrees. We have a tendency of dumping stuff...
  16. T

    Whirlpool Top Fridge Not Cool, Bottom Freezer Fine

    My 2009 Whirlpool Gold Fridge GB2SHDXTQ01 (bottom freezer, top fridge) is NOT keeping the fridge cold. The freezer is fine. I think it's the fan motor that blows air from the freezer to the fridge. What parts do I need?
  17. L

    Whirlpool Bottom freezer - can I just remove icemaker?

    We just got a new Whirlpool - 21.9 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free refrige with bottom freezer.:cool: We have no water hook up so I just removed the ice maker rather then turning it off. Will this cause a problem?:confused:
  18. T

    Kenmore Elite side by side bottom freezer began rattling

    Hi, My Kenmore elite side by side, bottom freezer began rattling. The rattle stops when I open the freezer door, but does not stop when I open the upper refrigerator doors. It began as a little interspersed click and clack, and has been progressively getting more percussive: continuous rattle...
  19. W

    596.63822200 Frost builds up on back inside bottom freezer, cold doesn't go up to friz Sears Kenmore

    Sears Kenmore refrigerator bottom freezer, about 10 yrs old, Frost build up on back inside wall of freezer and then upper part of frig temperature goes too low. Also, even when I turn freezer down to 2 it seems to get too cold and over freezes things ie frozen vegtables too frozen in bag...
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    Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Frosting Up, Not Letting Fridge Cool

    Hi there! First of all LOVE this forum! Thanks for being such a resource for so may people. My bottom freezer Whirlpool Gold fridge is a little over two years old and we have a continual problem of the freezer frosting up (coils in the back, on door, and on freezer light). The frost prevents...

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