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    FIXED Fridge not cooling while freezer is fine on bottom-freezer unit

    Hello All! I noticed my refrigerator was too warm, yet freezer was just fine with my bottom-freezer unit. I know that a fan blows the cold air up from the freezer to the fridge, so I removed the rear interior panel from the freezer to inspect fan. Fan is working fine. Next, I removed the cover...
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    Sears Kenmore Bottom Freezer

    Hello, My refrigerator was running all the time, but the temperature was OK. I replaced the thermostat and the temp averages 12 degrees in the freezer and 35 in refrigerator at mid-setting. Now the ref cycles off from time to time, and the temperature in the freezer goes up to 40-50 degrees...
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    Amana DRB1901CC Frost Issue

    Good evening, I own an Amana DRB1901CC fridge with the freezer located in the bottom. Problem: Freezer frosts up to the point that no cooling takes place in fridge portion. Prior to freezing up completely, left vegetable drawer starts freezing items. What I know: -Coils clean -No frozen...
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    Maytag MBB2254GES not cooling, buzzing from relay on compressor

    Hi all, I have a 6 yr old Maytag refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom which has stopped cooling.<O:p</O:p It started intermittingly for a few hours at a time and now it's not cooling at all, neither the refrigerator nor the freezer.<O:p</O:p When I plug it in I hear buzzing from the...
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