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    KRMF706ESS01 tripping breaker on one circuit, causing voltage drop on another

    Hello, a week ago our 1.5 year old KRMF706ESS01 was found with what appeared to be no power. I touched the control panel and the light flickered a bit but fridge and freezer were warm and ice had melted. Unplugged and plugged back in - did not resolve. Unplugged for 5 minutes and reseated...
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    FIXED WMH31017FS0 Whirlpool Microwave fuse and breaker trip after top two door switches replaced

    at the apartment community I work at I’ve ran into at least 10 microwaves in the past couple months that have the door open error message come up and they are unable to use the microwave from what I’ve researched I gather it’s a door switch error for a couple microwaves I tested I replaced the...
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    KUDI01ILBL5 KitchenAid Diwshasher Not Starting (flashing light) or When Started, Stops After 7 seconds

    I had to turn the breaker/fuse off for one hour (half hour did not do the trick); after that time, I got dishwasher to start. When I turned on the fuse, the normal button was on and not blinking. However, once the dishwasher started, it went off after seven seconds. I turned off the breaker/fuse...