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    FPGH3077RFF Frigidaire new - broiler won’t stay lit, starts turns off, gas smell

    I have a brand new gas range, Frigidaire. Everything works fine except the broiler, which starts the ignitor, flame starts, then gas smell (not a lot) then gas stops and ignitor goes out. About 3 mins later it tries again, and that works, it stays on but still a puff of gas smell. The flame on...
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    KitchenAid Gas Range KGSS907SSS01, Bake works fine, but Broiler does not work

    Hi, I have a KitchenAid KGSS907SSS01 gas range. It is about 11 years old and has been well used during that time. The bake burner works fine, as do all of the 4 burners on the cook-top. But the Broiler is not working (no flame at all comes out of the Broiler burner). When I press the BROIL...
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    JGS968S0H1SS Broiler: Igniter Works, but no flame

    Broiler not working, the igniter glows, I replaced three years ago, appears no gas flow therefore no flame. Is there a sensor that tells the oven the igniter is on which starts flow of natural gas? (Tried it on low and high broiler setting)
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    WGG555S0BS01 Whirlpool Range won't Broil

    Hello, I have a Whirlpool Range #WGG555S0BS01. About 4 years old. The top oven bakes, but won't broil or self-clean. I changed the igniter today, to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks.....
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    Fivestar has oven issues

    First post...Having issues with a Fivestar four burner gas oven/range. Basic problem is: When oven is plugged in, oven light comes on (even when oven dial not turned on), indicating the oven is heating but it is not. When the problem was first noticed, the oven burner was coming on and remaining...
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    Samsung Double Oven NE59J7850WG/AA - Broiler won't turn off

    So we've had the Samsung oven for a year-and-a-half. Today I cooked a pizza in within 8 minutes I had a kitchen full of smoke. Come to find out the broiler was on. I thought it was my fault so I cooked another Pizza using the bake function in quickly realized the broiler was coming on. No matter...
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    JB965S0D1SS GE Element won't shut off - How To Disconnect?

    Hello! The broil element in my GE Spectra oven will not shut off. It was given to us free and I'm looking to just buy a replacement unit at this point but was wondering about how, if safely possible, to disconnect power to the oven but leave the stovetop range available to use for the time...
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    KGSS907SSS00 Oven/Broiler clicks but won't ignite

    Long time user, first time poster here! Our KitchenAid Oven has been unusable for some time now. The stove burners all ignite as normal, but the oven/broiler don't seem to spark. I can always smell gas when it's trying to light. We have intermittently gotten the lower (oven?) burner to ignite...
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    GE Profile Gas Slide-In Broiler Stopped Working and a Week Later Oven Stopped

    About a week ago, the broiler on my GE Profile Gas slide-in oven stopped working. At the time, my oven wouldn't heat up either. Then, the oven started working again just fine; I use it lots. (Burners on stove work fine.) (When I turned on the oven, sometimes I though I smelled a tiny bit of...