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broken lid lock

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    NTW4750YQ1 Amana Washer Lid lock solid red

    Amana washer lid lock replaced not even a month ago because it burned up and the new part is doing the same thing now. Will start a load and it will get to the last spin and shut off leaving only the lid lock light solid red. Cancel the cycle and go to drain and spin and the washer won’t start...
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    WTW5600XW3 Washer not working.

    Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5600XW3 My washer never finished it's final cycle. the washer just kept flashing 1minute to go but wouldn't go to done.I turned the power off then back on and the lid lock light stayed flashing and the door wouldn't open.If it is the lid lock switch then it looks like a...

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