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    LG Range LRE3083BD - Rear Burner Control Turns On Front AND Rear Burners

    LG Range LRE3083BD - When the left rear burner control is turned on, both the left rear burner AND the left front double burner turns on. At that point the controls for the left front double burner have no effect and the left rear control regulates both. If the left front burner is turned on...
  2. C

    790.95664100 Kenmore Range - Hot surface light turns off when burner turned off with new replacement burners

    Hi, all. Here is the short of my situation - I had to replace the two rear burners on our range. We were able to get them to work (more on that below), but with the new burners, the hot surface light turns off immediately when the burners are turned off. They do not come on until the surface...
  3. A

    Bosch cooktop electrode malfunction

    Hello, I have the Bosch Gas Cooktop NGMP655UC. By the way, I would not recommend buying a cooktop from Bosch. The unit is 4 years old and the screws attaching the burners to the top are all corroded and the 2 screws I tried to remove just snapped. I have the following issue with the cooktop. Of...
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    RF110AXSQ0 Whirlpool Electric Range not working at all

    Hi, The range above stopped working all at the same time. The surface elements and the oven do not heat anymore. I can turn the surface elements knobs and it says it’s heating, but no heat on any of the burners. The oven also has no heat and the oven knob just clicks when I turn it on...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Gallery PLCF489ACB burner no longer putting out a strong flame

    Hey guys, Firstly I want to thank you guys for the info you've provided in the past. It's a huge help and I feel I owe you something. Let me know how I can support you. Issue 1: This time my stove top is acting up. One of my burners (the biggest and normally most powerful one) is now putting...
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    MGS5775BDW Maytag oven burner intermittent, smells like gas

    https://youtu.be/pLOcjKZBL4w I replaced the oven igniter about a year ago after the oven started exhibiting signs of not heating and smelling of gas. The new igniter seemed to resolve the issue mostly, for a while. Recently the oven began doing the same thing, as seen in the attached video...
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    LG LSC5622 Dual Front Right Burner

    Hey Everyone, I've been searching and searching for a part number for our LG LSC5622 range but there appears to be very minimal info on it as its a Canadian model. Finding parts for anything LG in Canada appears to be impossible. Does anyone have a part number that I can order in Canada or...
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    Hardwick Propane Stove Burner Needed

    HI I am looking for a front burner replacement. The model number I have and the part numbers etc have all been discontinued. Does anyone know of a compatible part?
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    DCS Range by Fisher & Paykel - Burner Igniters continues after flame on

    Hi The front right small burner flame seems to have less gas flow rate than other similar sized burners AND not like it used to be. Every time I clean the range top (which gets very dirty thanks to all the budding chefs in the house - grrrr!), the igniters will do the constant spark think...
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    Flame is weird

    Pursuant to his having made a repair to my gas range and cook stove, my husband has not been able to get the burner flame to behave as it should. The one back burner is normal but what is happening to the front burner and what is the fix? He has cleaned the units meticulously and repeatedly.
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    FIXED What size burner caps do I need?

    Hi everyone! I am trying to order replacement burner caps for a Whirlpool gas range that was given to our family, but I am unsure about what sizes to order. The stove has two small, one medium and one larger burners but I'm not a pro and want to be sure I order the correct parts. Can anyone...
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    KitchenAid Gas Oven won't light.

    Okay, I have tried to review prior posts and do my homework so I'm not wasting anyone's time here, but I'm stumped. This model oven has a gas range on top of the oven (works fine), and electric element inside the oven on the top (works fine), and both a top and bottom gas element within the oven...
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    3488VVV Maytag Electrode or Spark module Problem

    Hi There, I have a stove & the burners aren't sparking correctly. sometimes they do not spark at all and sometimes they spark & light correctly. Other times when they spark, the spark doesn't travel from the end of the electrode through air to the burner, instead it travels over the ceramic...
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    RUDD Achiever Super Quiet 80 Burner issue

    My RUDD furnace has been running for 3-5 minutes turning off, then back on several times until the house is up the the temp on the thermostat. Today it wouldn't start at all for my wife. I opened the cover and noticed that the part inside the burner tube is missing for one of the burners. Its...
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    Frigidaire 30" Gas Range (Model #FGF368GCG) - Oven burner goes out after a few minutes

    We have a Frigidaire gas range model #FGF368GCG. The surface burners work fine. The oven burner lights, buts shuts off after a few minutes, around 250º F. It will re-light after a few minutes, but does the same thing. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite Cooktop - one burner does not light - PLEASE HELP!

    out of 6 burners, the smallest one has never worked well. Repairman (while under warranty) tinkered with it a bit and the burner would usually come on, but was not dependable. Now two years later, it never lights on its own. i have cleaned the burner parts - the spark looks good, coming from...
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    DPGT750GC0WW GE Harmony Gas Dryer -- No Heat

    My GE Harmony Gas (LP) Dryer has quit heating. I've ran all the on-board diagnostics in the technical service manual and they do not show a problem. Burner will ignite and burn for a few seconds, then shut off. Sometimes it will ignite again after a few minutes, but immediately quits.
  18. S

    Jenn Air JES8850ACW right front burner stopped working

    Hello, I have a Jenn Air JES8850ACW ceramic range. The most used, front right burner stopped working. Only the inner burner, the outer ring (for larger pots/pans) still works. When I turn the dial, the light in front goes on, but burner does not warm up. Please suggest how to troubleshoot this...