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    Jenn Air electirc cooktop with two left burners hot

    i have a Jenn Air downdraft electric cooktop that when I turn on any one of the two left dials, both left burners get hot. It happens even when I tried the right cartridge to the left panel. An appliance repair lady said she did not find anything wrong with the wires underneath the dials. What...
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    FIXED KGRA806PSS02 KitchenAid Oven Will Not Ignite

    Our KitchenAid gas range KGRA806PSS02 will not bake or broil. The cooktop burners work fine but it seems like the gas does not ignite in the oven for bake or broil. The heating element heats the oven to about 280 degrees and tops off there. It appears from reading several other similar posts...