burning odor

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    JS968KF1CC GE profile electric range/oven burning smell

    I have an electric GE profile range/oven. Some water spilled on it. The screen gave me an “FO” error code. I shut power down to it and left it to dry out for a couple days. Once I turned it back on everything works but it has a burning electrical smell. It’s most intense when first turned on...
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    MFB2055FRZ Maytag French Doors Freezer on Bottom - Fridge odour, burning smell, no smoke

    I have had my Maytag Fridge since May 2019. This morning, I opened the fridge and the strong smell of something burning was coming out, plastic or rubber. There is no smoke The vents are not blocked. Not sure what it can be, there is nothing in the manual under troubleshooting. Does anyone...