burnt wire

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    LG Oven LRE3194ST Burnt wire/connector on lower heating element

    Hi, I was having an issue where the oven would not get up to temp, or if it did get up to temp it would not hold it properly. I had originally bought a new temp sensor to install but when I pulled off the back cover to install it I found that this wire on the lower heating element had been...
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    KRFF507ESS00 KitchenAid Refrigerator not cooling

    First the ice maker stopped working then I realized the fridge and freezer weren't cold enoigh so I cleaned the condenser coils, checked the compressor fan and then checked the evaporator coils in the freezer compartment where I discovered it was iced up in the top right corner around the...
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    Burnt out wire to heating element and warped and burnt plate in the middle of heating element

    I've replaced the heating element and thermostat on my HE4 once before a couple of years ago. The dryer just went out recently and I figured it was the heating element again. Pulled off the cover and as I was trying to find the screws i found the top wire completely detached from the element. It...
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    My 15 year (?) old Maytag dryer (MDE5500AYW) quit heating - found burnt wire from motor

    Hi All, My ~15 year old Maytag dryer suddenly stopped heating the other day. After reading several posts here for this model, I commenced to investigate. What I found was that the 110v feed line from the motor to the heater had burned through at the terminal where it attached to the heater...