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  1. J

    FIXED KDFE104DSS2 Kitchenaid Dishwasher no power or lights TouchPad

    KDFE104DSS2 has no power,lights,or response on touchpad. I checked incoming voltage to board and got 120. Picture below. I also accidentally smoked up the contacts while checking for voltage, but I still get 120 hope I didnt mess nothing up. I'm just a dumb lineman for the local utility. Any...
  2. A

    LSC5683WS/02 LG Range - some button (start,timer,time) are not working. please help

    LG 2012 model: LSC5683WS/02 control board number: control board: 6871W1N009H Hello, my problem is some button are not working like the start. Since i tried already to clean the ribbon cable/disconnect,reconnect everything, i know the problem will be the control board or the keypad board...
  3. steemin

    IUD8500BX0 Ikea(Whirlpool) Dishwasher wont resume cycle if interrupted, or start a new cycle after finishing without being reset

    Ikea/Whirlpool dishwasher with the "hidden control buttons" wont resume cycle if interrupted, or start a new cycle immediately after finishing the previous cycle without being reset first by turning off the breaker for 1 min, and re-energizing. If you do not interrupt a cycle, the cycle will...
  4. T

    FIXED Samsung Oven/Range NX58H5600SS/AA -SE- Error Code

    Hi all, first post here. Thank you in advance for reading and brainstorming solutions with me. My Samsung appliance worked well for nearly 3 years leading up to this September. Since then, the keypad will now display the "-SE-" error code and beep 10 times loudly. This renders all buttons...
  5. L

    Maytag Commercial Coin Operated Washer can't select Cycle -MAH21PD

    Hi, I have a Maytag Commercial Coin Operated front load washer model MAH21PDDWW. It worked fine until yesterday. After putting money in, you can't select cycle anymore. I've reset the cycle and everything I could think of and unplugged, plugged a few times still no luck. Any idea of what might...