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buzzing noise

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    Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator LGHB2867PF0 Buzzing Sound

    My Frigidaire just started to buzz fairly loud today, I noticed some ice build up directly below the ice maker inside the fridgerator (see photo). The sound seems to be coming from the ice machine area but not sure. Side Note: I removed the ice tray and turned off the ice machine via the...
  2. C

    GE Refrigerator GFE28GYNGFS No cooling, electrical buzzing sound

    Symptoms: After plugging in, I hear a click and then a moderately loud electrical buzzing sound. If I put a finger on the compressor I almost feel it vibrate as though it's running? Or I'm just fooling myself, it's hard to tell. After maybe 30 seconds to a minute there's another click and the...
  3. D

    KDPM604KPS0 KitchenAid dishwasher Buzzing noise. Dishes not clean. Water leak.

    We have a 6 month old KA DW which has below problems: 1. F8E4 error, which indicates water in dip tray _ 2 times. Fixed by itself? Or not? 2. Loud buzzing noise when washing 3. not Spray enough water _ as I cannot hear the normal loud water spraying sound 4. Dishes not clean after washing. 5...
  4. M

    GE ZSC1202NSS01 makes buzzing/humming sounds when door is closed

    Hello, When I close the door, it makes a buzzing/humming sound. I unplugged the magnetron and it still makes the sound. I have replaced the door switches and the door monitor switch but the behavior does remain. Here’s a link to an audio file with the sound. https://voca.ro/1iS7CFAsJDHJ I...
  5. R

    EFLS627UTT0 Electrolux washer loud buzzing sound

    Washer has developed a loud buzzing sound when filling up. It used to only occur when running a hotter cycle but now it does it all the time.
  6. E

    FIXED GE Monogram ZTSX1DPSN1SS making a buzzing noise during cool down

    We bought a GE Monogram ZTSX1DPSN1SS several months ago. It has steadily been making a buzzing sound during cool down. It was soft at first but has become progressively louder and more consistent over time. Now it sounds like this every time we use it and have turned the temperature to off. I...
  7. A

    MSD2651KES Maytag Freezer Noise

    So recently the evaporator fan section in the freezer had been making a massive amount of noise. After taking the cover off it was vibrating and hitting some ice on the edges... Am i having a defrost issue where it's not melting/thawing completely? Or is this normal? Is the defrost on these a...

    NDG2335AWW Amana Dryer "Noise"

    So I have been troubleshooting this "noise" on my Amana dryer, videos included. It is a buzzing sound, typically starts at the "normal dry" mode and occasionally the cool down mode. I changed the coils, no difference, I then had the machine disassembled but to the point where I could run it...
  9. I

    Whirlpool Fridge W8RXEGFWS00 Fridge Not Chilling/Annoying Buzz Sound From Compressor

    The freezer seems to get cold and freeze. The fresh foods section doesn't as it stays around 8.4c - 10c. I've unplugged the fridge for 24 hours, cleaned the condenser coil and fan in the back, I've taken apart the freezer wall and checked the evaporator fan and evap coils The evaporator fan is...
  10. D

    FRFW3700LW - FRIGIDAIRE FRONT LOAD WASHER 3.8 Cubic FT. - Buzzing noise and stopped working?

    Pretty much as the title says...but here are the details. I was in getting some food in the kitchen and thought I smelled faint burning electrical wire, so I run all over the place trying to find it. My nose let me to the laundry room where I had a load of clothes going. The washer had stopped...
  11. A

    FIXED DBXR463ED2CC: Installed new motor in dryer, now have a low buzzing noise halfway through cycle

    My dryer is 14 years old. Had a burnt-out motor and replaced with new one yesterday. I put through one test load and all seemed well, but halfway through the cycle a low-frequency buzzing/vibration noise started. Not deafening but noticeable. (Dryer itself does not vibrate, just trying to...
  12. J

    Sub Zero 3151 is making buzzing sound - possibly the pump

    I have an older Sub Zero 3151 (made by Scotsman) under counter ice maker. There was a little mold near the water jets so I sprayed it with some 409. It started making a buzzing noise immediately. I then flushed it with cups of clean water and the buzzing went away, but only for a few seconds...
  13. S

    LMXS30776D Loud fan noise from inside freezer

    My 1.5 year old LG LMXS30776D french door refrigerator has developed a very loud rattling/buzzing sound coming from inside the rear portion of the Freezer. It starts up a couple times per hour, does it more when the fridge/freezer are being used (open and closed) more and has been slowly...
  14. G

    ATF8000FS1 Affinity Buzzed but Worked Now Clicks and Paused

    9 year old unit - I replaced the door latch a few years ago, along with the hinge, which got us back into action. (Thank you!!) For the past year or so, the unit often buzzed during the wash cycle. We'd press the door, place a chair against it, and it would continue to wash, spin, etc. A...
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    KDRP407HSS09 KitchenAid Dual Fuel Oven Buzz

    Good day all, I have a KitchenAid Dual Fuel Range that came with the home. In recent months the oven started buzzing about 5-10 minutes after being turned on. The noise appears to originate just above the oven door, below the range top, and continues for about as long after the oven is turned...
  16. M

    795.72053 Kenmore French Door buzzing after compressor replacement

    Just bought a house that came with this Kenmore 795.72053 french door refrigerator and chest freezer. Fridge was essentially new when we moved in (less than a month old). After living here for about 2 months, the fridge started buzzing continuously progressively getting louder over the course of...
  17. S

    Whirlpool "over the range" microwave makes intermitent electrical arc sounds.

    Hi, my Whirlpool WMH53520CH0 "over the range" microwave makes loud buzzing noise when running (sounds like electrical arc). It use to make the intermittent arc sounds and still work none the less. However, It now runs for a few seconds and shuts down and digital screen goes black. I unplug it...
  18. C

    110.60902990 Won't start, only buzzing when button pressed

    dryer was working then just the buzzing when the start button is pressed. I looked here and replaced the thermal fuse (just a try). the entire base was covered in lint. cleaned it all out and no change.
  19. P

    Maytag Performa Dryer - Won't Start, Keeps Buzzing?

    Hi everyone, about 2 months ago my dryer started having problems. It would occasionally not work and create buzzing noises as if it's trying to start. We opened it up and saw that there was dust everywhere (assuming this was causing some sort of overheating) and vacuumed it all up. We also...
  20. M

    Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator noise

    I have a Kenmore elite 596 refrigerator that started making a buzzing and clicking sound about 3 weeks ago. Heard it about twice per day then increased to about once per hour and it finally shut down. We unplugged it, cleaned coils, left unplugged two days then restarted. No sound for about 5...

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