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    Whirlpool Cabrio washer No cold water

    I have a Cabrio washer that will only push out Hot water. No matter what the temperature setting is water. Anyone know what the problem might be. It's also showing an error code 51. Are the two connected?
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    Whirlpool Cabrio F50 Errors

    Not sure what else to do - we keep getting F50 and F51 errors. After troubleshooting, I took the tub out to look for any kind of blockage (and to clean the tub). There was nothing. I then replaced the RPS kit and continue to get the F50 error. I get the blinking panel lights when doing a...
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    WTW6600SW2 Cabrio washer loud sound while spinning

    I am having problems with an extremely loud noise when my Cabrio washing machine spins. Here is a 60 second video. I replaced the suspension rods ~ 1 year ago, but otherwise it had been trouble-free. 1) Any idea what the problem may be ? 2) What is the typical life for the Cabrio (mine is 6...
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    FIXED Cabrio Dryer won't heat

    Backstory: Dryer vent was clogged. Snaked and shopvacced. Guess: When it was clogged, something got too hot. Error code: F31 Jake, I saw that there was a repair mainual for the 6000 series of dryers back in 2011, but you hadn't been able to then find the manual for the 7x00 series. Have you...

    FIXED Cabrio washer makes a grinding, buzzing noise when draining sounds like a stripped pump motor

    Jake, My Cabrio washer makes a grinding, buzzing noise when it's draining; sounds like something is stripped. It does not make the noise when it initially fills so I am thinking that it is possibly the drain pump or the re-circulation pump. It still drains at the end of cycle. Can you tell...
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