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    GE Cafe CHS950P2MS1 induction range control board replacement

    Hi, I have a GE Cafe induction range and the cooktop stopped working. The 'burners' turn ON and then shut themselves off after a few seconds - just as if there was nothing on the cooktop. A GE rep came out to diagnose and told me that I need to replace the control module WB27X30357 ($650). The...
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    CYE22TSHDSS GE Cafe freezer not getting cold but fridge working

    Hello, My Ge café fridge has that this problem for a few weeks and I cant seem to figure out what's causing it. The fridge part of the appliance is working(getting cold) but the bottom freezer is not. I have ran the diagnostics in Service Mode and verified all the fans are running. I have not...
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    GE Cafe Dual Fuel- The Dreaded F7

    Periodically get the F7 under humid conditions. The cancel button kills the code, but shortly it reappears. Have to unplug for a bit and then it could work for a month or two. Been occurring off and on over the last year and a half. Oven functions much more than it errors. I've read the other...