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    FIXED GFE29HGDHBB GE Fridge not cooling to the right temperature; evap fan working well

    I've just fixed the fridge not cooling due to evap fan failure: But because I'm continuing to monitor the fridge, I'm disappointed that it's not cooling to the right temperature...
  2. J

    FIXED MVWX500XW0 Maytag Bravos Fails Calibration test

    Hello all, I'm trying to fix my Maytag MVWX500XW0 which gets stuck on wash cycle and starts flashing the lid lock indicator. I don't think this is a lid lock issue though (lid lock works fine in manual diagnostic mode). 1.I ran diagnostic mode and got: "Motor control fault. Test 3b" and...
  3. U

    LFFU1153DW2 Highest Freezer Temperature is TOO Low. Help Please

    Howdy. I have a Frigidaire Upright freezer model number LFFU1153DW2. Am wanting to store 60 pounds of cryovac beef ribs, and 75 pounds of cryovac beef brisket in it. - Wanting them to age, NOT freeze, so I have been trying to regulate the temperature to be between 33°F to 38°F. - At the highest...
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    WTW5500XW0 Cabrio Lid Lock blinking during all cycles auto test ok but calibration fails

    I have been reading the forums and trying to figure this one out. My washer will start a cycle but will fail on during the second sensing cycle. Motor humming and you can feel the basket spin down. The lid lock led will flash. I have run through the diagnostics and it doesn't give me a...
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