capacitor replacement

  1. M

    MBR2258XES1 Maytag Refrigerator - MA7702278441-TH jazz board capacitor help needed

    So I had a power surge fry a Cap on the Jazz board of my fridge. I got it off but don't have the full label of the cap to know what to replace it with. Hoping that the hive mindof the internet can help me out.
  2. vap0rtranz

    FIXED Hotpoint RC-11 Range - fluorescent light & capacitor

    Will a higher rated capacitor than what's original work with new fluorescent tubes? I'm restoring an old Hotpoint RC-11 range that has a 30" fluorescent tube that won't light. I replaced the T8 tube that was in the range with a new one but it still doesn't light. Everything else works...
  3. U

    110.84832201 Kenmore HE3 dryer buzzes, and will not turn

    My dryer has an electrical hum, but will not turn. I can hand start the drum when holding in the door button, and it will run until I let go. I thought it may be a capacitor, but there does not seem to be one on this model per my local parts place. He said it probably is a motor switch, and he...
  4. J

    FIXED MVWX500XW0 Maytag Bravos Fails Calibration test

    Hello all, I'm trying to fix my Maytag MVWX500XW0 which gets stuck on wash cycle and starts flashing the lid lock indicator. I don't think this is a lid lock issue though (lid lock works fine in manual diagnostic mode). 1.I ran diagnostic mode and got: "Motor control fault. Test 3b" and...
  5. V

    ZIS42NYB GE Freezer Drip and Ice from top of Freezer Compartment

    Problem now is leaking water from top of freezer compartment, left side, which is dripping and freezing over the Icemaker. Leak is also on right side of freezer compartment. History: After Capacitor was replaced (I'd like to know how that is done on this ZIS42NYB also as price seemed very high...